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In Cusco/ Stories

Is This Home?

“Have you ever been somewhere and just been struck by this feeling that this is home?” That was the question posed to the audience at a talk I went to last week. The speaker was trying to describe what it was like to finally find her calling. The first thing that came to my mind? Cusco, Peru. May 2014. Sitting by the big window in my small bedroom in a hostel in the neighborhood of Lucrepata and talking on the phone via a spotty Wi-Fi…

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In Inspirational Travelers/ Stories

“Sometimes You Just Have to Ask” | A Story About French Traveler Guillaume

It begins where most great friendships do: online."Can you give me some tips on visiting Silicon Valley?" he asks me on Twitter.I have no idea who he is, what he looks like, or even what his real name is. His Twitter name is "Geek World Tour," and his profile photo shows a cartoon bunny with a Mario Brothers-style mustache.I ask a few more questions and find out his name is Guillaume, and he's a French traveler who quit his job…

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In Product Reviews

Chrysalis Cardi Review: The Convertible Travel Scarf You Can Wear 8+ Ways!

Whether it was five weeks in France or five months in South America, I have traveled carry-on only since 2014! So, folks, listen up when I say, "You HAVE to see this!" I found the perfect piece of multiway travel clothing I NEVER want to go on a trip without: the Chrysalis Cardi by Encircled.I've just returned from two months of travel, including a five-week train trip through Italy and Eastern Europe, during which I practically lived out of the…

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In Travel

How to Get a US Passport Renewal Expedited by Mail (WITHOUT Paying a Shady Agency!)

Honestly, I’m surprised I even need to write a post on how to get a US passport renewal expedited. For something so common and major as this, I can’t BELIEVE how hard it was to find information on how to do it. Even the State Department website left me with so many questions. If you Google “how to get a us passport renewal expedited,” you will find a TON of websites for third-party agencies offering US passport renewal expedited services. Please note…

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In Stories

Thank You for Your Service

No one ever tells you what kind of bra you’re supposed to wear to the ER. “Is there any metal in it?” the nurse asks me as she pulls back the curtain surrounding my hospital bed. “Um, there’s underwire,” I reply, kicking myself for not putting on a sports bra in my feverish delirium this morning. She throws me a hospital gown and says, “You can keep your pants on.” When she shuts the curtains and walks away, I begin…

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