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In Stories/ Toronto

The First Snowfall of the Season in Toronto

November 20, 2016. The first snowfall of the season in Toronto. I am lying on my back in bed about to drift to sleep when I notice something on the skylight above me: a smattering of slush obscuring the glass. I throw the sheets off and run out my front door in nothing but a Florida T-shirt and shorts. The cold air stings my legs and my bare soles crunch ice on the deck.…

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In Business

Freelancers, Here’s How to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes Online

Yes, you can pay quarterly estimated taxes online! When I wasΒ a newbie freelancer back in 2013 I was pretty confused by the concept of paying income taxes four times a year, instead of just once a year like employees do. For more details on quarterly estimated taxes and how and why freelancers pay them, please see my Freelancer’s Guide to Quarterly Estimated Taxes. When Are Quarterly Estimated Taxes Due? Depending on the year, the exact date can vary by a…

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In Stories/ Travel

Storytime Saturday: Blue Sky Ceiling

I wake up to a blue sky ceiling, white sheets bundled at my feet. A black cat purrs against my chest.I do not lock my bedroom door. I couldn't even if I wanted to; there is no lock. I have learned to always keep the door ajar while I sleep, or else the cat will paw mercilessly at it, begging to be let in.On laundry days, we hang the sheets to dry on the deck. I like the sound, and…

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In Business

Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers in Your Life

As someone who has been an entrepreneur for nearly four years and has a lot of experience spending money on things, I think I have the authority to write a post on gifts for entrepreneurs. ;)To make this holiday gift guide, I went back over all the business purchases I made over the past year or so that have really helped my business. Then I threw in some other items just for fun that I know any creative entrepreneur or…

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In Digital Nomads

12 Gifts Every Digital Nomad Secretly Wants

So Christmas is approaching and you're scrambling to find the perfect gift for that one Black Sheep in your life who travels around the world, laptop in tow, supposedly working? You, my friend, are looking for digital nomad gift ideas.Here's the "secret:" Figuring out what to buy for a digital nomad is easy when you realize digital nomads concern themselves with really only two things:…

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In Business/ Digital Nomads

50+ Ways to Make Money Online While Traveling

Many of my readers want to know how I'm able to make money online while traveling. It's because I run a digital marketing and writing business and work remotely for my clients! Wow, not nearly as mysterious nor glamorous as you imagined, huh? Sorry, folks, I do not "get paid to travel." :) Many of you would like to start making money online or freelancing remotely, but are stuck as to what you could offer. Well, here are FIFTY-THREE ideas! I…

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In Paris, France

What to Wear in Paris in the Fall/Winter + My Packing List!

Figuring out what to wear in Paris in the fall and winter can be a headache, especially if you like to pack light and aren't exactly into fashion. In the City of Light, appearances are everything. Author David Lebovitz hilariously writes in his memoir The Sweet Life in Paris that he knew he had truly become a Parisian when he got dressed up just to take out the trash. (The pressure is real, y'all.)…

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