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The ONE Travel Tip You Should Follow—or Your Trip Will Be RUINED!

Before my trip to France in 2015, I stopped by my bank to order some euros. While informing the teller of how much I would need, he asked where I was going. “Paris,” I told him. “Oh!” gasped the woman at the teller to my left. “If you’re going to Paris, you HAVE to go to Barcelona too! It’s absolutely beautiful!” Now, this woman did not know me. The only obvious thing we had in common was that we used…

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In Italy/ Stories

Piove (It Is Raining)

Agustina looks to the sky and hopes for rain. Dark, billowing clouds loom above the church bell tower in the distance. “If it rains, I can finally take a nap!” she laughs. We are on our hands and knees by a stairwell in the shadows of some forgotten part of the cloister, attempting to free the ground from the overgrowth of dirt, moss, and mildew that has engulfed it. The scraping of our metal palatine against the bricks, the occasional rumbling…

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The Girl With the Red Balloon

As a general rule, when in Paris, one must always wear black, gray, or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, navy blue. I don’t know what is different about this day, but I decide to break that rule and wear red. It is November 26, 2015. Thanksgiving Day in the United States, but just a regular Thursday here in France. Decked out in a bright red trench coat, I spend the entire day feeling self-conscious, trying to slip by unnoticed in…

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In Toronto

Nuit Blanche Toronto: How to Survive Your First All-Night Art Crawl

Attending Nuit Blanche in Toronto is a rite of passage. Every year on October 1st (give or take a day), from sunset till sunrise (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.), revelers admire contemporary art from all over the world displayed in the streets of Downtown Toronto for free.  Now, I am not an “art person,” but I’d like to be, so I jumped at the opportunity to hone my art appreciation skills in Toronto by twilight, wine glass in hand. (Actually, Ontario has pretty strict laws governing alcohol…

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Faces of Peru | Daniel the Tour Guide

“How’s your heart?” Daniel whispers to me as we pick our way through cobblestone streets in Ollantaytambo, Peru, in the drizzling rain. We’ve just finished a harrowing 1.5-hour car ride through winding mountain roads that drastically change altitudes, so at first I wonder if he’s inquiring about my cardiovascular health. But I know what he means. “Mejor,” I tell him. Better. Daniel has a keen intuition I have never seen in anyone else, a sixth sense that feels what other people are…

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In Cusco

What’s the Weather Like in Cusco, Peru?

“The weather of the Andes is like the women of the Andes: changeable and unpredictable.” – A popular Cusco saying When I first landed in Cusco, I was decked out in two layers of shirts and pants, a jacket, a scarf, knee-high boots and wool socks—because a city high up in the Peruvian Andes must be cold all the time, right? I soon found out how wrong I was. When I walked outside of the Cusco airport, I started sweating…

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