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11 More Stops Till Main Street Station

Eleven more stops till Main Street Station. There are plenty of open seats, but you choose to prop your hip against the railing and stand by the door. You feel safest when you’re near an exit. The subway emerges onto a bridge crossing over a highway and you can see the city lights passing by in a blur and now you are thinking of the line 6 in Paris that passes over the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. It has the best…

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In Digital Nomads/ Product Reviews

Best VPN for Travel: A VyprVPN Review

The best VPN for travel is one that protects your privacy, works in every country (especially countries like China that blocks VPNs), and is affordable. That's why, after using VyprVPN for several months, I think it's the best VPN for travel. I'm nearly three years into being a digital nomad, and I'm ashamed to say I only recently started using a VPN. That means my Internet connection and all my data, from emails to bank accounts, have potentially been exposed to…

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In Food/ Toronto

Fantail Bakery-Cafe in Toronto

Not to sound shallow, but I knew the moment I set eyes on Fantail Bakery-Cafe that I would love it. I mean, any bakery that lets you know the exact moment you can get their baked goods fresh out of the oven gets me on a deep level. On a sunny day in September, I walked into its bright shop in sleepy Roncesvalles, immediately taking note of an eccentric poem printed in gold lettering on one of its blue-and-gold filigreed walls entitled…

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In Remote Work

How to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes Online

Yes, you can pay quarterly estimated taxes online! When I was a newbie freelancer back in 2013 I was pretty confused by the concept of paying income taxes four times a year, instead of just once a year like employees do. For more details on quarterly estimated taxes and how and why freelancers pay them, please see my Freelancer’s Guide to Quarterly Estimated Taxes. When Are Quarterly Estimated Taxes Due? Depending on the year, the exact date can vary by a…

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