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In Travel

The ONE Travel Tip You Should Follow—or Your Trip Will Be RUINED!

Before my trip to France in 2015, I stopped by my bank to order some euros. While informing the teller of how much I would need, he asked where I was going. “Paris,” I told him. “Oh!” gasped the woman at the teller to my left. “If you’re going to Paris, you HAVE to go to Barcelona too! It’s absolutely beautiful!” Now, this woman did not know me. The only obvious thing we had in common was that we used…

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In Remote Work

“How Much Should I Charge?” How to Price Your Freelance Services

“How much should I charge?” This was the question I struggled with the MOST when I started freelancing. And the answer to this question matters—get this wrong and you will constantly struggle to get by. I know I did. At the start I was undercharging so badly that even though I kept getting clients, I still couldn’t make rent. Figuring out how to price your freelance services is one of the most important things you will do as a business owner. So…

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In Italy/ Stories

Piove (It Is Raining)

Agustina looks to the sky and hopes for rain. Dark, billowing clouds loom above the church bell tower in the distance. “If it rains, I can finally take a nap!” she laughs. We are on our hands and knees by a stairwell in the shadows of some forgotten part of the cloister, attempting to free the ground from the overgrowth of dirt, moss, and mildew that has engulfed it. The scraping of our metal palatine against the bricks, the occasional rumbling…

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In Digital Nomads/ Remote Work

Living the Dream…or a Nightmare? Working Online While Traveling Isn’t a Paradise

“You have to work today?” my dad asks me as he drives the RV through a deserted stretch of highway in New Mexico. “Yes,” I shoot back. “I have to work.” I just landed in Albuquerque yesterday to begin a camping trip with my parents, but while my dad points out the mountains lining the landscape, I shrug off his comments and continue typing on my laptop. The disadvantages of working online while traveling don’t get as much attention as…

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In Stories

You’ll Never Feel Like You’ve Reached the Summit—And That’s Okay

Sometime around April 2015, broke and living with my parents, I told myself, “If I could just make $4,000 a month, THEN I’ll stop worrying.” I gave myself a deadline of a few months to grow my freelance business, or it was back to the office for me. But two months later, I was not making $4K a month—I was making more than $6.5K. So I moved to my dream city of San Francisco. And then everything was perfect. Just…

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In Digital Nomads/ Remote Work

11 Ways You Can Find Digital Nomad Jobs and FINALLY Quit Your 9-to-5

So you want to be a digital nomad, but you have no idea how you could get someone to pay you to work while you're traveling the globe? Relax! I've curated top ways to find digital nomad jobs, including six places I have personally found remote work.The key thing to note is that a "digital nomad job" is basically any work that you can do remotely, either as an entrepreneur or employee. Most digital nomads work remotely as an employee.…

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