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Looking for a travel freelance writer or a freelance blog writer for your publication or business? I’m a storyteller at heart. With a background in journalism, more than five years of professional experience in writing, and four years of experience growing this travel blog, I have the skills to write quality blog posts and web copy. As an added bonus, I’m well-versed in SEO to make sure your blog posts rank well in search engines.

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I write about

  • Travel, particularly about solo travel and travel to San Francisco, Cusco, Peru, and Paris, France
  • Entrepreneurship, particularly solopreneurs, digital nomads, and freelancing
  • Remote work
  • Startups
  • Technology
  • Blogging

Take a look at some of the articles I’ve written

The Misunderstood Entrepreneur: How to Crush It Even When Your Friends and Family Don’t Get You

Accidental Minimalist

9 Ways to Prepare Your Location Independent-Business for the Road

Why I Fell in Love With Cusco, Peru (And Why You Probably Will Too!)

When You Follow Your Dreams — And Fall on Your Face

See some of the website copy I’ve written

Gozer app

Torpedo Sushi

What my clients have said

“As soon as I started working with Amy, I knew I was working with the right person. She made sure to have a very thorough understanding of the concept we were working with before we began.

The best part of working with her was her rapid responses and complete engagement with every topic we work on. I have gotten very positive feedback on Amy’s work. Some of the phrases she came up with have been a large part of our marketing. Everyone loves our tagline “Let your stuff hitch a ride.” It brilliantly captures what our app is all about. Hemingway would be impressed by her mastery of brevity.

If anyone needs a writer,  I would direct them to Amy for well-thought-out and creative ideas. I would like to have 10 of her on my team. Things would happen much faster.”
– Marshall Mullen, Gozer

“Amy was very professional, pleasant, and most importantly, she listened well and responded to my feedback appropriately. The message of my concept is now being communicated in a fun and effective manner. I would recommend her to anyone.”
-Luis Sanchez, Torpedo Sushi

“I am very happy with the outcome of this. It was exactly what I was looking for. Amy was professional, thorough, easy to contact, and the work was completed fast and done according to what I asked. I would definitely recommend her.”
-Alex Antoniazzi, Bright Dog

What readers have said

…about my book

“A well-written must-have guide for anyone considering spending time as an expat in Cusco.”  – David Hammond

“This book was delightful to read! I loved the author’s personality and wit throughout the book. This book was really well laid out- offering many different travel tips, money saving tricks and how to navigate in a foreign environment.” – N. Hoffman

…about my blog posts

I’m a Travel Freelance Writer and Blogger

I’m based in the U.S. and work with clients all over the world. I graduated from the University of Florida summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication-News (broadcast journalism). I’ve hosted live one-hour radio shows for NPR affiliates, and I’ve written several pieces on a freelance basis for and even had a video piece air on its cable TV newscast.

These days I no longer write journalism pieces, but the attention to detail and commitment to accuracy I learned from reporting have stuck with me. I consider my strongest writing areas to be blog posts (I am a blogger, after all) and website copy. I love when clients let me get creative–and clients love the work I produce for them.

Interested in hiring me as a freelance writer? Let’s set up a time to chat so we can ensure I’m a good fit. Fill out the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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