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5 Apps to Meet Folks and Make Friends Around the World

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Being stuck in the routines of life is common these days. The work pressure combined with other obligations of life leaves you overburdened. This leads to boredom and at worse might even be a cause of mental health issues. Needless to say, we cannot live in isolation, and being social is the key to having a life that’s actually meaningful and filled with happiness. You might wonder how that’s possible if everyone around you is so busy. 

You are right to think that way because people around you might not share the same ideas you want to befriend them. You cannot create a social circle with whom you cannot connect easily at a mental level. To help you create that wavelength, we have selected the five best apps to meet people around the world.

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    Bumble BFF 

    Bumble BFF was previously just a feature within the main app, but it is now available as a separate app. Bumble BFF is the perfect app for finding platonic friendships. It is mainly for individuals who want meaningful connections beyond romance. The app works quite like the main Bumble app. Here too, you need to swipe right if you’re interested in making friends with someone, left if not. The reason you should use this is because it allows you to meet new people who share your interests and are looking for friendship. 

    Meeting new friends means you have to look for ways to communicate better. Besides the internet connectivity and a good laptop or a smartphone, you also need to use the best app that can help you connect with your new pals seamlessly. From audio messages to simple chats and video conferencing to sharing pictures and videos, the app you want to use should have every possible feature. For this, download Google Meet for Mac. If you don’t know how to use Google Meet on Mac, that’s not something you should worry about. With this tutorial on the Google Meet app for Mac, the work becomes easier. Once you are all set, the Google Meet Safari will make sure that your experience while communicating with your friend groups is nothing less than outstanding.


    Why should foodies be left out of social apps? Here’s something unique for all you foodies out there. Eatwith isn’t your typical food delivery app. It connects you with passionate locals through unique culinary experiences. Every Eatwith experience is led by passionate individuals like you who love sharing their culture and culinary stories. Their unique ideas and expertise add a special touch and a unique flavor to your connection. You can find food tours, dinner parties around you, cooking classes, and even private events. With this app, you can celebrate special occasions and also host corporate team-building activities. With so much on offer, the foodies inside you will never feel alone again.


    Couchsurfing app comes with the idea of cultural exchange and connection through hospitality. The app promotes traveling the world like a local. It does this by helping you stay with welcoming hosts and immersing you in authentic experiences throughout the world. You can get started by creating a profile where you share your interests and travel plans. You can become a host or a surfer and choose if you want to open your home to travelers (hosting) or search for places to stay (surfing). You can also choose to give back to the community by volunteering your time or skills to help the app thrive.

    Image Credit: Pexels 


    Meetup offers you a bustling online community where people with shared interests come together to learn and grow. The options are diverse and literally endless – coding, books, gaming, photography. You can attend events, join a workshop you love, and join local groups within your city or town. With so much on offer on Meetup, you just need to focus on developing your skills with the help of like-minded individuals on the app. 


    When you are looking for ‘apps to meet people near me,’ try this one. Nextdoor is a hyperlocal platform that has been designed to connect you with the people right around you. It creates a virtual neighborhood notice board, buzzing with local news and other related updates, discussions, forums, and even buying and selling options. You find help and support for various projects – anything from dog walking to interior design. The neighbors are verified so that gives you the security and safety that you deserve.


    With every app for meeting friends, you will see that the world is not as closed as you would have thought. You can meet the people whom you think can be your best pals in terms of interests shared, social needs and maybe even brainstorm ideas to start up something new. Basically, the sky’s the limit with these apps. Your phone can be used for so much and this is just one of the great things you must try out. Based on your interests, select the one you like, or maybe even all, and discover yourself through new people.