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Author - Amy

Amy founded The Wherever Writer in June 2012 and handed this site on to a new owner in April 2019. An avid traveler and passionate entrepreneur, Amy continues to explore the world and encourage others to follow their dreams.

I Quit My Dream Job

I Quit My Dream Job

Yesterday was my last day at work. For most (some of my closest friends included), up until this blog post, you had no idea I was even thinking about resigning from what was my dream job. Yes...

Getting Lost in Rome

I stand in the crowded streets of Rome, beaten-up duffle bag in hand, feeling the weight of my decision bearing down on me. "We're probably going to die," I think. But I have to be brave for my mom...

di Rosa Art Gallery, Napa Valley

“Oh, just look at this piece!” The woman in the flowing orange garments sighs as she gestures with a wide sweep of her bangled arm to a statue of a man with a shoe in his mouth...