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Author - Amy

Amy founded The Wherever Writer in June 2012 and handed this site on to a new owner in April 2019. An avid traveler and passionate entrepreneur, Amy continues to explore the world and encourage others to follow their dreams.

California beach

What It’s Like to Live in California

California is the stuff of dreams. My guess is you either sighed in longing or rolled your eyes in annoyance at the above statement. Either way, bear with me. How many times have you heard someone...

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Gambling. Parties. Alcohol. If you’re going to Vegas for any of these things, you probably won’t find this guide helpful. Strange and entertaining, maybe—but helpful? Not at all. You’ve been warned...

"Memories of the Mob," an exhibit in The Mob Museum, showing family photos of famous mobsters

The Mob Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada

“You never know,” the Mob Museum employee with the jet-black hair and gold jewelry is telling me as he ushers me through the doors. “Tomorrow, you might be dead.” I’m not sure why he said that...