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The Very BEST Gifts for Travel Lovers

*Affiliate disclosure: I may receive commissions if you buy via the links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Coming up with gift ideas for travel lovers can be hard! That’s why we decided to put together this amazing list! These gifts for travel lovers are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions! 

Typically the travel lover can not get enough of accessories and functional things! Travel equipment varies depending on where you are going, and sometimes the average gift just won’t do! 

That’s why we created the perfect list! 

Samsonite Backpack 

This travel backpack is great for guys and girls! While it isn’t really for hiking, it’s perfect for just about everything else! Not to mention the quality and durability that Samsonite offers! 

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are all the rage! They come in a variety of colors and keep drinks hot and cold. Great for on the go with the easy to carry handle! 

Samsonite Luggage 

Another Samsonite favorite! The four wheels make it really easy to trek through the airport! Comes in a variety of colors and is compliant with airplane size restrictions. 

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    Travel Wallet 

    If you read my post about long flight travel essentials you know this is my favorite travel wallet!! It offers space for everything including your boarding passes. 


    Clearly, when you travel you want to take photos! While your iPhone is great for some, if you want better quality or think you may want to resize them for a Canvas, you should invest in a DSLR. This Canon is my favorite and the video quality is amazing! It’s used by tons of travel gurus. 

    Camera Accessories

    You never want to be without your camera accessories. This includes storage cards, batteries, and chargers! 

    Camera Lens

    Don’t forget, you can even get them a new lens! While you think one may be enough, each lens offers different features and used for different scenarios. 

    Compression Socks 

    Another favorite from my long flight essential list is these amazing compression socks. Most of the year you hear people frowning when they open the gift of socks, not travel lovers! 

    Travel Scratch Map 

    This Scratch Map is one of the coolest things! When you visit a state or country you simply scratch it off to reveal a beautiful color underneath! Some people buy these just to hang without scratching them at all. This gift is absolutely perfect for the travel lover! 

    Travel Scrapbook 

    Not only is making a scrapbook memorable but it’s also a really fun hobby! This all in one kit will get your traveler started on taking a trip down memory lane! Don’t forget the stickers!

    Custom Luggage Tags

    These customizable luggage tags are reasonably priced and are leather! A sleek and professional look but also match with any luggage and you can put anything you want on them. 

    Men’s Passport Holder

    Packing Cubes 

    I love packing cubes!! It keeps me organized and makes the most out of your space when you are trying to cramp everything into one piece of luggage! 

    Travel Scale 

    I highly recommend the travel scale for the travel whos on the go often! Every time I’m at the airport I see people chucking out stuff because they don’t wont to pay the fee for the extra weight. This ensures you won’t have any trouble when you check your bags. 

    Water Purifier 

    For the avid outdoors person and one who loves hiking and camping, this purifier is great! You can drink any source of water and is perfect to have in case of any emergency in the wilderness! 

    Kindle Fire

    These are now fully functional tablets but are best for people who love reading! You can also get them gift cards so they never run out of books while they are on their trip! 

    Travel Subscription Box 

    These are so cool! Each month you receive something related to travel. There is a monthly charge, but who doesn’t love surprises each month! Here are the top travel boxes to choose from. 


    I’m sorry, I LOVE my Apple Airpods, so I always recommend those when people come to me with questions! The charging case is great too when you aren’t near an outlet. For them to be so small, the sound quality is great and they stay in your ears well compared to other brands I have tried! 

    Go Pro 

    If you are going on trips, see attractions, and taking excursions they need a Go Pro! They are small but mightly! Great for traveling with and there are even different cases where you can take them underwater! They act as a camera and video all in one! 

    Portable Printer 

    Printing photos on demand keeps you from having to print from the computer or inside of a store! These little printers are great, especially when batch printing photos at one time! 

    Travel Journal 

    Journals are such a great idea where you can document your experiences in the moment they go back later and remember everything from that day! 

    City Coasters

    Uncommon Goods offers tons of unique gift ideas! These city coasters are perfect and functional. You can have any maps made onto a coaster! 

    Photo Credit: airbnb

    Airbnb packages

    Feeling really generous? If you know your traveler is heading to a certain town, book them an Airbnb package! You can get an exclusive discount by using our link! 

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