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53 BEST Gifts for World Travelers: The Ultimate Guide That Saves You Time

Updated: December 5, 2017

Scouring the world (okay, the Internet) for the best gifts for world travelers was no easy feat! But I wanted to make sure I only included gifts that were truly unique and valuable. That’s right—you will NOT see any passport covers, travel journals, or scratch-off maps that are SO overdone on these gift guide posts. 

If you want to skip around, use these links:


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Unique Travel Gifts for Women


#1 T3 Micro Mini Miracles Hair Dryer, White/Rose Gold, 43.1 oz


In general, I’m against traveling with a hairdryer, BUT sometimes a girl’s gotta have great hair, right? If your world traveler is one of those girls, get her this hair dryer AND flat iron set. They’re travel sized, so they fit easily into carry-on luggage.

Click here to check out this nifty travel-sized hair dryer and flat iron set


#2 Homesick Candles – A Scent for Every State


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Every world traveler feels homesick every now and then. How lovely would it be to have a candle with a custom scent based on a city, a state, or a feeling?

#3 Mapiful Custom Maps


These custom maps are heartwarming. You can choose to create a map based on the traveler’s favorite place in the world or where they fell n love.

#4 Jane Austen Passport Cover and Luggage Tag


Is your world traveler a literary geek, too? She’ll LOVE these Jane Austen luggage tags!

Click here to see the latest price of the Jane Austen luggage tag

#5 Packing Cubes

I never understood the purpose of packing cubes—until I started using them! YES, they DO make a difference. Because they compress and compartmentalize, packing cubes allow you to pack so much more in your luggage.

Click here to see the latest prices on these packing cubes

#6 Coffee-Brewing Travel Cup

If your world traveler is also a coffee drinker, get them this coffee-brewing travel cup so they can make the perfect brew whether camping in Yosemite or backpacking through Europe.

Click to see the latest prices of this coffee-brewing travel cup


#7 World Map MacBook Case

I’ve been eyeing this worldly MacBook case for a long time now. If you know your world traveler owns a MacBook Air, get them this hard case. Not only does it protect their MacBook from scratches, but it also looks pretty darn cool.

Click here to get more details on this MacBook case


#8 Travel Tank Top With Hidden Pockets

I almost got this for my Eastern Europe rail trip to protect my passport! This is a great alternative to those cheesy passport necklace things.

Click here to check out this clever travel tank top with hidden pockets


#9 Beats By Dre urBEATS 2 In-Ear Headphones

As a frequent traveler, I’m always misplacing my headphones, and I need them to pass the time in airplanes! These are a gorgeous set:

Click here to check the latest prices on these headphones


#10 Encircled Chrysalis Cardi

Chrysalis Cardi Review - Petite Charcoal Grey Grecian Tunic Sitting Down

I CANNOT rave enough about this amazing multi-way piece of clothing that can be worn 8+ ways! I practically lived out of this while traveling in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Canada this summer (okay, I STILL live out of it. My friends see me in it all the time!).

When you buy this, not only are you getting a high-quality piece of clothing that is SO versatile, but you also are supporting an ethical, woman-owned business.

Get your Chrysalis Cardi here!


#11 Splosh Change Box Coin Money Savings Fund Jar

Know someone who’s trying to save up for a big trip? This travel fund container is a cute home decor item that will also serve as a great reminder of their travel goal!

Click here to check the latest prices for this travel fund container

Unique Travel Gifts for Men

#12 DEW Survival Kit Travel Outdoor Multifunctional Bracelet 

Is your world traveler handy and outdoorsy? While I seriously doubt anyone could survive on this bracelet alone, let your man feel useful with this survival bracelet with fire starter scraper. And do let me know if he manages to start a fire with it.

Click here to check out this survival bracelet


#13 Rustic Leather Key Chain & Headphone Wrap Handmade

I like this because leather oozes quality. Also, it has a practical function: it prevents those pesky headphones from getting tangled in his pocket! This is a great little accessory for travel.

Click here to get this nifty keychain that prevents tangled headphones


Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Perfect for a traveler who spends a lot of time outdoors and camping, this book was written by a survivalist expert and teaches you essentials such as how to split wood with an axe and a tasty (I’m sure) recipe for raccoon stew. 

Click here to find this book and learn how to cook raccoon stew!


#15 How to Eat in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Foraging, Trapping, Fishing, and Finding Sustenance in the Wild

Another book written by survivalists, How to Eat in the Woods lowers the chance that your world traveler will starve while out in the backcountry. With information on how to trap and kill animals, as well as locate potable water, this book is sure to be informative, if not just entertaining.

Click here to survive the woods with this book!


#16 Flight 001 Men’s Guy Stuff Pouch

For the guy who is protective of his stuff, get this toiletry pouch for travel.

Click here to get this “Guy Stuff” pouch


#17 The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil 

Know a world traveler with a formidable beard? Facial hair like that doesn’t take vacations. Get him this beard oil so he can look his finest even while abroad.

Click here to give your man a well-kept beard!


#18 Patch-Up 2-in-1 First Aid Kit (300 Pieces-40 Unique Items) Mini Kit Inside


Perfect for the clumsy traveler, this first aid kit comes with a whopping 300 pieces—including a tourniquet and a CPR resuscitation mask—that’s sure to save the day no matter what trouble he’s gotten himself into this time.  

Click here to see the latest prices of this first aid kit


#19 Zippo Hand Warmers

Here’s a nifty, yet stylish, hand warmer for the world traveler who enjoys trekking to colder climates.

Click here to see this hand warmer

Travel Gadgets


#20 Anker PowerCore 10000mAh External Battery

One of the BIGGEST pains for us first-world travelers is dealing with dying iPhones while we’re waiting at the airport or riding a bus. Get this powerful portable charger for your traveler so they never again have an excuse to not text you back.


#21 Anker PowerCore+ mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

This is the portable charger I actually travel with. I like that it’s a small, compact size, but it doesn’t pack as much juice as the one I listed above. 

#22 Moment NEW Wide Lens || Camera Attachment Lens for iPhone, Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy

Moment lenses are premiere iPhone lenses. This one turns a regular iPhone into a professional camera with a wider angle (meaning your traveler can get more of the landscape into the photo. 

#23 Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

I’ve been wanting a mirrorless camera for years. Basically, mirrorless cameras differ from DSLR cameras because they don’t make that shutter sound when you take a photo, and they are lighter weight. That means you can carry less weight when you travel and sneak photos without that sound! 

#24 Fujifilm Instax Mini 9


Retro is in. Polaroid “instant” photos are making a huge comeback. Get your traveler this Intax Mini camera, and they could have unique photos while they travel.

#25 Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

Another model of instant film camera.


#26 Samsung NX500 28 MP Wireless Smart Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

#27 GoPro HERO6 Black

#28 Noise-Canceling Headphones

I’ve been eyeing these puppies for years. When there’s a crying baby on a flight or an annoyingly chatty neighbor, pop these noise-canceling headphones on, and you will have a quiet, distraction-free flight.


#29 SD Card Holder

I have this horrible habit of never uploading my travel photos from my SD cards…and then I lose the SD cards! Last year, my dad got me an SD card case, and that’s helped me stay organized. And this one is water-resistant, anti-shock, AND holds 12 cards!


#30 Kindle E-Reader

As much as I love the smell of books and the way they feel in my hands, the fact of the matter is they are WAY too bulky to lug around the world. For the well-read traveler in your life, get them a Kindle so they can access books no matter where they are.


Travel Books

#31 Audible Membership

Let them listen to books from anywhere in the world! Listen, we travelers do NOT have a lot of space in our backpacks. Giving the gift of an Amazon Audible membership will allow your world traveler to

Click here to try Audible and get two free audiobooks


#32 Kindle Unlimited Membership

I travel around the world with my Kindle, and a bibliophile world traveler like me would LOVE to have access to unlimited Kindle reads.

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

#33 Into the Wild

I’m in the process of reading this book about a man who renounced his earthly possessions, gave away all his money, and took off alone into the wilderness of Alaska. Tragically, he starved to death. But thankfully, his story has a lot to teach us. I’ve been so drawn to this story for a long time now. I think every traveler wants to read this one. 


#34 The Yellow Envelope

The author, Kim Dinan, is a well-known in the travel blog world. Her story is incredible. She quit her job to travel the world, but before she left, a friend gives her an envelope full of money and asks her to spend it while she travels. I finished this book over the summer, and the writing is beautiful. 


#35 Mother Tongue

This is another book written by a popular travel blogger. For anyone who loves languages (like I do!), this book is a must-read. Christine Gilbert took her husband and kids around the world as she sought to learn Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish fluently. My favorite part of the book is the one on her time in Beirut. It sounds like a paradise.

#36 Vagabonding


Get this book for any of your friends who dream of traveling long-term, maybe even permanently. This book is legendary. 

#37 The Best American Travel Writing 2013

Okay, I know it’s the 2013 edition, so it seems outdated—but hear me out! One of the BEST travel essays I’ve ever read is inside it. It’s called “The Year I Didn’t” by Daniel Tyx, and you must read it.


#38 The Alchemist

This is one of my favorite books. Though not a travel book per se, this book will inspire wanderlust and a search for meaning in anyone who reads it. I’ve read it twice; the second time was when I found it in an apartment I was renting in Paris. It has such quotable quotes, such as, “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”


#39 The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World


I think my dad got this book for me back in 2013 when I was planning a round-the-world trip. Get this for anyone who’s aspiring to travel solo for the first time internationally. It’ll help them prepare for things they’d never even considered. I know it helped put my mind at ease.


#40 Atlas Obscura

This book looks absolutely fascinating! Get it for anyone drawn to the weird and mysterious things in the world. 


#41 Humans of New York: Stories

Based on the popular Facebook page project, Humans of New York features raw street photos of various NYC inhabitants, and more interestingly, the poignant stories behind each face. 


#42 The Traveler


Okay, this is another one of my favorite books. I have a well-worn copy of it in a box at home. Though it is incredibly short (you can read it in 10 minutes) and may look like a children’s book, do not be fooled into missing the deep significance behind this sweet fable. Get this for any traveler who needs to be reminded of the truly important things in life (beyond “seeing the world”).


Backpacks and Luggage

#43 Delsey Paris Hard-Sided Carry-On Luggage 24 Inches

#44 Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

#45 Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender Bag

The folks at Eagle Creek sent me a free Adventure Weekender Bag for review in 2014. It’s great because it’s lightweight AND can convert into a backpack or duffel bag!

#46 Timbuk2 Aviator Backpack

This is my backpack of choice! I’ve traveled with it for 5 weeks in Paris and 3 months in Toronto. It’s perfect for those who prefer to travel carry-on only and who want the flexibility and comfort of a backpack with a padded hip belt!


#47 Wood Burlap Suitcases, Set of 2 (15 and 17 inch)

Okay, you probably can’t actually travel with these, but every traveler loves the nostalgia of good ol’ fashioned suitcases they can stack for home decor.


#48 Samsonite Luggage Inova HS Spinner 20

#49 Weekender Overnight Bag Canvas Genuine Leather Travel Duffel Tote



Gift Cards

All right, all you last-minute shoppers and friends of horribly picky people, gift cards are THE way to go! Not only can they be delivered via email at the click of a button, but they also allow your choosy gift receives to pick what they want. It’s a win-win!

#50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card

#51 Airbnb Gift Card


#52 Uber Gift Card (Email delivery!)


Uber is your personal driver at the tap of an app on your smartphone. I’ve used Uber in San Francisco, Paris, Prague, and Krakow. It’s super handy when you’re traveling abroad and don’t speak the language or know the taxi system.


#53 Gift Card (Email delivery!)

A cop out? NO! Getting your traveler an Amazon gift card simply means you want to give them the freedom to choose what they want. And if there’s anything a world traveler loves—it’s freedom.

There you have it, my friends. My guide to the best gifts for world travelers. I hope this helps you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Happy shopping!


Is there anything you’d like to add to this list of best gifts for world travelers? Comment below to help your fellow shoppers out!


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