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Fast Track to Freelance: 7 Steps to Making $6K/Month as a Freelancer

Struggling to make ends meet as a freelancer? Can’t figure out WHY you can’t meet your income goals?

I’ve been there.

“There” as in lying on my apartment floor wondering how I’ll scrape together enough money to make rent the next day.

There as in pawning my grandmother’s diamond ring to get that rent money.

There as in hitting the negatives in my bank account.

It stinks. It hurts. It feels like you’ll never make it.

But I’ve got great news: I turned it all around.

I went from making around $1.25K to more than $6.5K a month in about 3 months.

That’s right. I JUST went back to my Wells Fargo statements to take a look at that year.

In March 2015, I made $1,250 from freelancing.

But in June 2015? I made $6,570!

And I want to show you the strategies I used to do just that.


In Fast Track to Freelance, I lay out the 7-step method I used to go from $1.25K/month to $6K/month in just 3 months!

Here is exactly what you’ll get inside!

Step 1: Craft Drool-Worthy Service Offerings

Get my formula for developing service offerings FAST based on skills you already have but didn’t realize. Plus, what you can do RIGHT NOW to make clients drool over you in the future. (This is HUGE! A lot of people don’t realize this method can earn them valuable experience for free.)

Step 2: Price Your Services for Maximum Profit 

Learn my fool-proof method for pricing your services so you earn a profit and STOP living paycheck to paycheck.

Step 3: Build a Business Website on a Budget

I like doing things on the cheap. Find out how to build a business website for free and without any technical skills. Then, find out how to scale up and build a professional premium site when you’re ready.

Step 4: Find Dream Clients (And Avoid the Nightmare Ones!)

Find out where the high-paying clients are hanging out—and how to get their attention. This includes a simple email hack I used to land a $3,500-a-month client this year!

Step 5: Send a Pitch They’d Be Crazy to Refuse 

Most pitches are lame, but not if you do these things. I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process for writing a pitch that will win over anyone. This includes my exact formula I used to email my way to a $1,000-a-month retainer client.

Step 6: Follow Up and Seal the Deal

Figure out how to follow up without being pushy or annoying and close the deal without feeling like a sleazy salesperson.

Step 7: Onboard Like a Pro

You’ve got a new client! Woohoo! Find out my effortless process for onboarding new clients so you can have a simple workflow and keep your clients happy.





Plus, You’ll Get These Value-Packed Bonuses!

BONUS 1: Run Your Freelance Business for (Almost) $0/Month 

It’s mind-boggling just how cheap a freelance business is to run. You don’t need fancy tools or expensive contractors. Find out the tools (many of them are FREE!) I use to run my freelance business.

BONUS 2: Legal Beagle: Simple Guide to Structuring a Freelance Business and Getting it Registered

Stressed out over legal stuff when it comes to freelancing? Get some basic knowledge you need to know to stop stressing. This includes how to structure your freelance business.

BONUS 3: The Completely Clueless Person’s Guide to Paying Taxes as a Freelancer

Money is the number one stressor for many freelancers, but it doesn’t have to be! In this section, I’ll tell you EVERYTHING I wish someone had explained to me before, including how to save for income taxes so you don’t get late penalties, what the heck “quarterly estimated tax payments” are, and how to keep track of your business income and expenses to make tax time a BREEZE!


Who Am I and What the Heck Do I Know About Freelancing?

Hey there, freelancer friend! My name is Amy, and I am the founder of WhereverWriter.com, a resource for freelancers who want to make more and travel more. In March 2013, I quit my job to start a freelance business and see the world.

Along the way, I made a TON of mistakes (remember my story above about pawning my grandmother’s diamond ring to pay rent my first few months freelancing)? So everything I write comes from my own experience.

I want to see you succeed. And I wrote this book because it’s everything I wish I’d known when I got started (heck, even two years into my business I wish I’d known these things!). Thanks for reading! Say hi on Twitter or Instagram! ??


Hear From the People Who Took My Course That This Ebook Is Based On!


“I had been working at full time freelancing for about 3 months when I signed up for the free course. Amy introduced a client acquisition technique I hadn’t heard of before and I was able to go from making between $1-2k a month to $5k a month by putting her tips into action.”
– Michelle Vogel, Mishvo in Motion


Since taking Amy’s course in June 2017 I registered as self-employed in the UK in August. Within a few weeks I had found three clients, which was a really exciting start. I carried out a mixture of tasks for these three clients, mainly: blog writing and proofreading, creating content for static web pages, drafting Instagram captions and outreach emails on behalf of clients.

I thank Amy’s course for giving me the boost to actually get out there and get started. Once I got going I realised that the only thing standing in my way was me. Opportunity was waiting just around the corner; all I had to do was go looking!”
– Megan Davies, Smash Your To Do List


Amy’s course helped me so much. The first thing she suggests is to write down all the skills you have that you can use for work. I did this and it really helped me get organized and realize how many different areas I can work…

I decided to focus on photography and freelance web design. I built a website to showcase my landscape work and my commercial interior design photography for business projects.

I started selling prints and got some local freelance WordPress gigs, which create long-term work even when I am traveling. I got a picture published in local San Diego blog which helped jump my Instagram followers.

By following Amy’s steps, I have built a foundation which will allow me to go out and travel and be able to work while traveling.”

– Ash Levy, AshJPhoto


Who’s This Book For?

Such good questions! This book is for you if:

– You are a beginner or aspiring freelancer

– You’re struggling to make enough money to make ends meet

– You need to increase your freelance income FAST and don’t have time to waste on fluff strategies

– You never want to have to go to an office or meet a client in person again

– You truly believe you have something good to offer—if only you could find clients who will pay you!

Who Is This Book NOT For?

I’m gonna be honest: This book is NOT for you IF

– You have a product-based business and are not interested in selling services (freelancing)

– You target INDIVIDUALS (B2C), not businesses (B2B). How do you know? It’s easy. When someone books you, is it a personal purchase for them or a business expense? An example of a B2B freelancer would be a freelance marketer who does social media for restaurants (this book is for you!). An example of a B2C freelancer would be a personal trainer who helps people get fit (this book isn’t for you as the book focuses on finding business clients).

– You already make your target income

– You’re looking for a sleazy, get-rich-quick scheme (ew)

– You don’t like hard work

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this book be delivered? This book is an ebook and will be emailed to you from Gumroad (my payments platform) with a link to download a PDF. So basically, it’s a PDF you can read on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Is there a refund policy? Because it’s a downloadable file and a super fair price, no refunds will be offered. Once you purchase this ebook, you get to keep it forever AND receive future updated versions for FREE. Yay!

What makes this book better than what I can find for free on Google? Oh my gosh—I LOVE to Google things to figure things out. In fact, that’s what I did for the first TWO YEARS of my freelance business! And you know where it got me? Broke and unable to pay rent. :( There are definitely good resources on freelancing out there in Google Land. But if you want my tried-and-true, proven methods to boosting your freelance income FAST—then you don’t have time to waste. This ebook lays it out ALL for you. Save time and start making more money by getting this ebook. You’ll thank yourself later!

Click here to get Fast Track to Freelance NOW

Start earning more freelancing!


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