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How to Get a Tour of Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California

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**Important note: I keep getting emails from people who think I’m a Google employee—I DO NOT work for Google, nor have I ever worked for Google. I am a freelance writer, and I write about my adventures on this travel blog. Now that that’s out of the way, enjoy the blog post!**

I got to go inside the Googleplex in Mountain View. See, kids? Dreams do come true!

So how can you get a tour of Google’s headquarters? Well, this one’s easy:

  1. Work for Google
  2. Have a super awesome friend who works at Google

I went for option 2.


My friend was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to give a tour of the Google campus to me and my mom while she was in town. Now, please note that we had just gotten back from touring a castle in Napa Valley the day before, so our standards were pretty high. But because this is Google we’re talking about, we were absolutely blown away by the campus.

To give some background, I absolutely adore Google, its products and its culture. It used to be a dream of mine to work for the search engine giant, but I’m really enjoying working for myself, so now I’m content admiring from afar.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the offices, but I did get some photos of the campus. Below are just some highlights of what we saw:

An in-office minibar and keg. Because why not?

My friend showed us his office, and we stopped on the way to his cubicle. He gestured to the right. “We have a minibar and keg,” he said casually and shrugged his arms. “Because, why not?”

Laundry service, oil changes, haircuts, and more…

There is really no reason to ever leave the Google campus.

Mobile laundry services for the Googler on the go
Mobile laundry services for the Googler on the go

All the free coffee and snacks you could ever want

We passed countless snack areas and baristas. My mom and I got free lattes to go before we left the campus.

Coffee menu at Google
Photo credit: Mom


Google even has their own colony of bees from which they can harvest honey that is sometimes made available in their cafeterias. The place in which they keep their bees is named, of course, “The Hiveplex.”

Google honeybees


Google has a dog-friendly work environment.

Google is dog friendly
Photo credit: Mom

Cots–ahem, Napping Pods

You have to reserve these.

One of the famed Google napping pods
One of the famed Google napping pods

A ball pit (yes, like the ones kids play in at Chuck E. Cheese)

At least this one was adult-sized. And  yes, it took every ounce of my self-control to not dive into it.

Relaxation areas and massage rooms

With all their perks, I’m not sure what Googlers are so stressed about…

Relaxation area on Google campus
A relaxation garden on the Google campus

Google bicycles (AKA G bikes)

If you live in Silicon Valley, you’ve probably seen the brightly-colored Google bikes at some point. Googlers are free to just grab one to ride to a different part of campus, and just leave it there for the next Googler to use.

Google bicycle

Oh, and this happened…

Google bikes
Googlers riding Google bikes through the Google campus. Precious.

On our way out of the cafeteria, my friend pointed out a funny-looking contraption with a steering wheel in the middle, and bicycle wheels encircling it.

“That’s the conference bike,” he explained. “One person steers, and everyone else pedals as you hold your meeting.”

I stared at the contraption.

“You have to reserve it,” he told me, as though he could read my mind and knew I was about to hop on it and take it for a spin.


Google sculpture

The T. rex on Google campus
T. rex skeleton replica

Cafeterias with free food galore

Ah yes, the highest of highlights. My friend invited us to grab lunch with him at one of the many cafeterias on campus. I was overwhelmed by the options: salad bars, meat carving stations, pizzas, vegetarian options, desserts, and a coffee bar bombarded me.

Sandwich in Google cafeteria

Strawberry frozen yogurt in Google cafeteria

A bowling alley, swimming pools, treadmills, dance studios

We walked through a flurry of activity during our tour. In one office, a woman was walking on a treadmill. Then we passed these two guys swimming in the Google lap pools:

swimming pool at Google

There was also a dance studio that holds a variety of different dance classes for Googlers to sign up for.

Google dance studio

Good-looking people

Perhaps in part due to the previous perk, Googlers are fit and gorgeous. I have no photographic proof of this. Just trust me.

Japanese space toilets

Apparently, while I was busy admiring the dance studio, I missed out on the crown jewel of the entire Googleplex: the bathrooms.

My mom had to tell me about the many wonders of the toilets. The seats are heated, and there is a control on the side that lets you…um, how to put this delicately…lets you wash your front or your back, bidet style, and it even lets you control the water pressure and temperature. And yes, my mom got pictures:

Google toilet

Google toilet controls

So, you wanna work at Google now?

Get in line. Google gets about a million applicants a year, and only 0.5 percent of them get a job there.

But if all you really want is to see the campus, the public is welcome to walk around the outside and see things like the Android sculpture garden. There is plenty to see outside. 

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Amy is the founder of The Wherever Writer. An avid traveler, she has visited Machu Picchu twice, run across the world’s widest avenue in Buenos Aires, and eaten her fill of gourmet cheeses in Paris.

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