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How to Skip the Line at Georgetown Cupcake

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Famous for the TLC show “DC Cupcakes,” Georgetown Cupcake stores almost always have lines that take an hour or more to get through. Summer is the worst time; it’s also the time you’re most likely going to go. When I visited Georgetown Cupcake in D.C. last summer, I was greeted by this line:

The long line outside of Georgetown Cupcake in Washington D.C.
If they had known these tips, they wouldn’t have had to stand outside in the D.C. heat for an hour. But you were smart enough to read this blog, you clever, clever traveler.

Thankfully, I was able to skip that line. That’s right–I walked straight past the the hoards of people, into the door, up to the counter, told them my name, and walked out with my beautiful, delicious cupcakes–all within five minutes. How did I do it? Here’s the secret: Order ahead of time on the Georgetown Cupcake website, and you can bypass the line! Simple, yet not well-known. You just have to plan ahead because you must place all pickup orders by 8pm the day before you plan to pick up your cupcakes.

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    Here are step-by-step instructions:

    1. Go to http://www.georgetowncupcake.com/order/.
    2. Select which store you want to pickup from. (You can place pickup orders at all of Georgetown Cupcake’s locations: Bethesda, Georgetown, Boston, and SoHo. They also have a location opening in Los Angeles in Fall 2012.)
    3. Build your order and enter your payment method. You’ll get an order confirmation via email right after.
    4. The next day, arrive at the Georgetown Cupcake location and tell the employee at the door that you’re there to pick up an order.
    5. Walk straight past the line, up to the counter, and pick up your cupcakes.
    6. Revel in your wit, and eat your cupcakes in the faces of those standing in line. (This step is optional.)
    Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes
    Clockwise, starting with the heart-topped cupcake: Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut, Mint Julep, Chocolate Ganache. Which one was my favorite? That’s like asking which one of my children I love the most (not that I have any). But if I had to choose, I’d say the Mint Julep. Second place goes to the Red Velvet.

    Can’t make it to a Georgetown Cupcake location? No worries–you can order cupcakes online and have them shipped to you. If you’re outside their local delivery areas, you have to call (202) 333-8448 or email georgetown@georgetowncupcake.com to speak to their catering manager.