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Online Course Ideas – Start an Online Business NOW

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Online Course Ideas - Never Stop Learning

Online Course Ideas – Start an Online Business NOW

As an online entrepreneur, one of the things I’m asked most often is, “How do I come up with really good online course ideas?” You know, the kind that will make money!

Let’s walk through, step-by-step, how to come up with a list of online course ideas. They may not be what you are thinking of.

Why Do You Need Excellent Online Course Ideas?

In case you haven’t heard, online business is where it’s at.
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If you have any doubt of what an online business can do for you, here’s an inspiring story of how a 70 year old man turned his online business into $8000+ of cash flow per month.

So when they say, “You are never too old to start new things.” I guess they mean it.

When you decide you want to have an online business the next thing you need to decide is what type of business it will be. This is essentially your niche.

This image is taken directly from dictionary

Definition of Niche

To determine the niche for your business, think about the things you are most passionate about.

Whatever your passion, focus and knowledge is, should be used as the niche for your business.

For example, you might be crazy about children’s moccasins. You love them so much and you know how they fit and what the best brand for babies is.

Baby Moccasins from Aliexpress

You decide to go on Alibaba and find a vendor who can drop ship these moccasins for you, right to your customers door.

You set up a Shopify store to begin selling and you also list them for sale on eBay.

Congratulations!!! You are in business for yourself and your store niche is “baby moccasins.”

Of course nothing is ever that easy, but you get the gist of what I am saying in terms of your specific business niche.

Product vs. Information Business?

Another example of an excellent online business type is selling information or courses. Think blogging, coaching, teaching or otherwise selling or delivering information.

This type of website is known as digital marketing.

In a digital marketing business, you might create a course, E-book PDF, video series, etc., to teach others how to do something or to point them in the right direction of what they need to do to get something done.

Anything from, how to play music or an instrument, to how to properly apply make up and recommend great products, is now being taught online.

Bloggers, coaches, parents, video gamer’s, teachers, accountants, carpenters, seamstresses, organizers, quilters, office managers, pet trainers, chicken coop builders, cooks, bakers etc., are now making a living – teaching what they know.

You may want to sell an actual product, such as my moccasin niche above, and that is fine. If that is your passion…I say do it.

But I’d like to tell you why I think information, and really good online course ideas, are a better way to go.

Why sell coaching or digital products?

That is a really good question and I have a really good answer.

You see, I have owned all different types of businesses in my life time. Everything from Brick and Mortar clothing boutiques to ice cream franchises (you can read my nightmare here), to online businesses that shared information and recipes.

I’ve also sold physical products online, such as jewelry and pet products.

One thing I can tell you with 100% certainty is that,  having an online business, (or blog) that relates to information, or teaching, is the best kind of business.


Mainly, it’s because once you set it up and monetize it, it will begin to generate a source of residual income for you.

That means you will earn money while you sleep. You also earn while you eat, travel, play with your kids, bake, etc.

You get my point.

There are no physical products to ship, return, break or be the wrong size or color. You also have no employees to pay or worry about.

I can tell you from personal experience, product businesses, whether brick and mortar or online, are far more work.

Other things you might have to pay for, with a product business, are retail or warehouse space, liability insurance, utilities, inventory, payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, etc. Trust me, the list goes on

With a digital, informational or online course business, you can start it with very little cash. Then you create a course, e-book PDF, video series, Podcast or whatever medium you choose.

There is minimal risk, no employees and very little start up capital is required.

It’s really pretty amazing.

It Does Take Work

It does take work to create a course and I want to be very upfront about that. You have to put out really good information, about something that people care about, and then you have to monetize it.

You should plan for it to take between 40 to 100 hours to create a really solid course. It could take you more or less time, depending on what you are doing, but that is a good guide line.

I wrote my “How To Open A Boutique – A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide” in a weekend.

I wrote all day and night for two straight days – so it can be done if you can devote yourself.

After your finish your product, you will need to update it on an ongoing basis, as things change and new information emerges.

You will also need to answer emails, create new  products to sell and work on becoming an even better online creater, with all sorts of new online course ideas.

As I said, online courses and coaching is the only way to go – and  I do say that from a life time of experience. It does not matter if you are young or old, blogging has something for everyone.

What if you can not write?

If you really, really, really can not write, I have a suggestion for you there too.

Visit the ProBlogger site. There you can hire professional bloggers, in almost any genre, to write for you.

You really have no excuses. So, let’s keep moving forward.

How is your list of online course ideas coming along? Let’s work on it.

What Is Your Passion?

It’s really not as hard as people try to make it out.

We really need to start by brainstorming with a list of online course ideas that interest you.

I read a lot of industry books, as I love education. Most will tell you to make a list of possible business ideas, choose one, then tell all your friends and ask everyone and literally test the idea to deat.

While that may be sound advise for some, it really has never worked for me.

I would understand it more if it cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to create an online course or business.

But it doesn’t!

That’s the true beauty of online courses or online business overall; it can take a few hundred dollars to get going.

Truly, it can be less than that if you have a bit of webdesign skills, a friend who does or some technical know-how.

I have something great for you here. If you want to build a business website FREE, and in under a day, you will definitely want to read this article. .

Take it from me, someone who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars opening brick and mortar stores, starting a business online is a no-brainer. Do people still use that term?

I spent all that money, and had no real idea if the concept would even work. I just believed in myself and I knew how hard I was willing to work to become successful.

Only you know what is inside of you. You know your tenacity and and dedication. If you really do think you have a good idea, or a marketable skill, or just a very good knowledge of something that other people will want to know too, then what are you waiting for?

You have to believe in yourself or no one else will.

Here Is What I Would Tell You:

If you are passionate about something, and are  reasonably sure that other’s can benefit from what you know, do not let endless testing, or fear, get in your way.

Go for it! If it doesn’t work…adjust your concept and keep moving forward until it does work.

I’d like to add here, when you are deciding on your domain name, choose wisely. Choose something that serves your niche, but is not too specific. You want to be able to adapt your concept or course as needed.

Here is a wonderful article on how to come up with an excellent domain name in under 5 minutes!!

As or my website, WhereverWriter, can really mean a lot of things. The blog started out as a travel site for digital nomads. It still is that, but today I like to teach about the blogging industry and how someone can really make money online.

You don’t have to blog for money. But, if I’m blogging and writing and offering great information and online courses, I want to make a living doing it.

If you are interested in making money blogging, this is an amazing article on how to do it.

So, let’s suppose you are a pool builder. Maybe you are or maybe you just work for one. Either way, you have lots of knowledge about pools, installation, tile warehouses, chlorine vs. salt water, etc.

You have a few online course ideas in your head. The first is that you want to start a Youtube channel and teach people how to build a pool.

You plan to teach everything from how to get your plans drawn up, to pulling permits and the process for getting the pool built. Who you will need to hire, in what order and so on.

Let’s also suppose your name is John. You might choose a domain name www.johnspools.com. Remember, this is an example – it is not real.

Let’s say year one goes by and your first online course is selling well. You are a hit on Youtube and you are ready to expand.

Your second course idea is that you want to teach people how to maintain their own pool, so they don’t have to spend money on a weekly or monthly pool man.

Terrific! Your domain name is completely relevant and perfect. It could have anything to do with pools and beyond. You have chosen well.

On the other hand, suppose you want to sell pet beds so you select the domain name www.cozypawsbed.com.

You sell beds a while and decide you now want to sell cbd oil for pets, instead of beds. Well, you can still do it, but your domain name is not very well suited for your new direction and you don’t want to have to switch domain names.

Take a moment now to look at the list of coaching niches you wrote down. See if you can also drum up some possible domain names for each one.

You want your business to be able to move with the ebb and flow of the online business environment. You want to be able to go with what is working, and move away from what is not.

So, changing course is not a bad thing. It means you are listening to what is working, and what is not, and are moving in the direction of what works, makes money, sells, etc.

Your domain name should be within your niche, but not so specific you feel you can’t change direction when you need to.

When you feel you do need to make a change, never feel defeated. Instead, choose to learn from the lesson. Analyze, modify and keep on chugging.

It’s all a part of the process. The main thing is just that you get started. Find what works for you and never give up on yourself or your dreams.

My Story

I used to be in the clothing business. I had a true passion for fashion and so after high school, I attended USC Business School in Los Angeles.

There I learned all about business planning and created a thorough blueprint for how to make my entrepreneurship dreams come true.

I opened my first store three years after graduating college, on a true shoe string budget. I really had to think outside the box to get that done and, I’m fairly ashamed to say, I even used my credit cards to get my store open.

I would NEVER recommend doing that, as the interest rates on those cards were killers. But, I had no other choice and I was a responsible enough person to know that I would use my first sales of merchandise to pay off the highest rate cards.

My store space was really too large for me. In other words, I could not afford to fill it with inventory. So, I leased the space and purchased some large bolts of fabric and draped them across part of the store to hide empty sections.

It worked. The store actually looked beautiful and eclectic and once I could afford more inventory, I would open up a section.

I also went to antique auctions and garage sales to find interesting furniture pieces to accent my merchandise and make the store interesting. I used hat and umbrella stands, wrought iron gates, wardrobe room dividers, plant stands etc., to display my wares, take up LOTS of space, and make the store look interesting and special.

As I turned inventory into profit, I paid off my credit cards and purchased enough inventory to better fill the store space.

In my case, it was very true when they say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

I LOVED my store.

It was 100% mine and I worked a million hours a week doing everything from buying to selling to merchandising – but I loved every second of it.

It was my passion.

Buying for my store, especially at the big Magic show in Las Vegas was exhilarating. There was so much to look at and see and touch you almost couldn’t get through the entire show.

Every good and new designer was there and I was always on a mission to find just the right lines for my boutique store. It an amazing time in my life.

I owned and operated my store for 11 years. During that time, I was also married and had two children. When my kids were 6 and 4, my husband and I decided to move out of Los Angeles – and get out into the wide open spaces.

With a heavy heart, I sold my store and moved to Montana for a taste of that country life we were yearning for.

We had been on vacation several times to Montana and let me tell you, there is no place more beautiful.

In the summer, the tall Alpine trees smell so good and the sky is so big it can make you weap. In the winter, it is cold. But, the skiing, snowmobiling and snow man building make up it and then some.

On our visits, we fell in love with the state and so when the time was right (after I sold my clothing store and my husband sold his ice cream store), we headed north.

I Created My First Online Course in Montana

You see, back when I was running my clothing boutique in California, I always had people asking me how they could open their own shop. They would often ask me questions like, “What are the secrets to your success?”

I honestly wanted to help them, but attempting to tell them everything about how to open a store, and be a success, in a one hour lunch session, was just impossible.

I was juggling a lot back in Cali. Between work, travel schedules, kids, soccer, baseball, homework and my husband, I just didn’t have much free time.

Initially, I looked for a resource or book I could recommend to people to help them. I found nothing.

I didn’t give it too much more thought until I was living in Montana.

My life in Montana was a lot less hectic. My clothing store back in California was sold. My husband’s ice cream store in California had been sold. And, my children were both in school full time.

For the first time, in a long time, I had free time.  

I decided I was going to write a book and teach anyone who wanted to know, how to open a boutique.

Keep in mind, this was 2001, and the internet was in it’s infancy stages.

On my own, I created a rudimentary, single page website, which today the pros call a “sales page.”

I called my book, “How to Open A Boutique – A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide.”

Even before my book was written, I created my web page, hosted my site and listed the book for sale on eBay.

I think I just wanted to see if anyone would have any interest at all, before I poured my heart and soul into it.

I had a ton of notes, and I knew what I wanted to say, but the book was not written at all.

This is what the site looked like back in 2003. It was pretty ugly, but it was before anyone knew any better so it was ok.

In fact, the site did really well.

Online Course Ideas - Open a Boutique

Online Course Ideas – Open a Boutique 2003

I Sold My First Book Copy Within 24 Hours

I do not lie when I tell you I sold the first copy of the Open A Boutique book within 24 hours of making my site live and posting it on eBay.

This was the olden days. There was no such thing as a digital download – at least not that I had ever heard about.

So my book was a book, not an e-book or PDF.

I actually printed out copies of the book (on paper) and mailed it to customers via USPS.

Crazy right?

I told my husband he needed to watch the kids, all weekend, as I had some serious writing to do.

I locked myself in my office and wrote and wrote and wrote. After 3 days, the “How to Open a Boutique – a Step-by-Step Instruction Guide,” was born.

I printed it, drove it to the post office, and mailed it to my very first customer. I was so proud.

The price of my book was $24.95 but to me if felt like $1,000,000 when I had my first sale

That was just the beginning. From there, my book kept selling.

I’m pretty sure Google picked my website up for search phrase “how to open a boutique,” and within a few weeks, I was selling several copies a day.

My job became taking orders via email that Paypal would send me once they had payment confirmation. Next, I would print a book, put it in an addressed and stamped envelope and drive it to the post office.

It was pretty great.

I spent $0 on advertising because there was nothing else like my book on the market, online or off line. I ranked very high on Google for FREE.

Paypal Develops Payloadz

After about a year, things got even better for my business.

Paypal, who was my payment processor, added a feature called Payloadz. This meant that once a customer purchased my book via Paypal, Payloadz would then deliver the book to the customers email in box.

Voila! My book became an e-book over night.

No longer did I print books, staple them, buy envelopes or drive to the post office. Now, everything was automatically and digitally delivered to my customers.

I continued to sell my e-book for years and years and I also consulted with people who wanted more of a one on one experience with me.

In my best year, my e-book generated $65,000 in revenue. Better yet, 95% of that went into my pocket.

I did work hard that first weekend to put the book together. But, after it was done, I did very little.

I answered emails and updated the e-book, from time to time, but that was it.

From that time forward, I was hooked on online business and it has been my life’s work to create online course ideas.

The World Begins To Change

After more than a decade of selling my book, and then e-book, the world began to change.

Everyone was online, Amazon had become a household name and people were starting to buy online.

My would-be, boutique opening customers didn’t want to open brick and mortar stores anymore. They were now interested in online selling, website creation and coming up with profitable online course ideas.

I could completely respect that. After all, I was too!

My business kept evolving too. Today, I focus on helping people develop their online course ideas that compliment their passions and lifestyle.

Do You Need A Degree to Teach Online?

If you are asking yourself this question my answer is a resounding, NO!

Look at it this way, most of what I taught in my e-book, was not what I learned in business school. It was about the real world stuff I learned while negotiating my lease, designing my space, hiring and firing staff, buying and all of that.

Those are NOT the things I learned in business school.

I made my book all about things like:

  • How to work with customers
  • How to pick an A+ location
    How to negotiate with your vendors
    How to actually write up a Purchase Order
    How much inventory to order
  • How to get manufacturers to “protect your territory”
  • Which buying shows you MUST attend and those you can skip
    How to find the best, new lines and get them first
    How to hire, train and keep good staff
    How to stop shoplifting in it’s tracks
    How to provide top notch customer service
    How much square footage you really need for a boutique
  • How to get open on a shoe string budget
  • What to do when someone shoots out your store windows
  • How to create an employee handbook and what to put in it.
    How to merchandise your store
  • How to make your store windows look amazing
    How to get the money to open a store
    and more…

This was the “real stuff” that I learned by working in the trenches of owning and operating a boutique.

Things happened to me, good and bad. I learned from the bad stuff and did more of the good stuff. Mostly, I worked to make my boutique the best it could be.

I wanted to help people not make the same mistakes that I did, so they could be profitable much quicker.

So when people ask me if they need a degree in the item they want to teach, of course I say no. You only have to have a passion for it. It should be something you love, know everything about, or have a way of learning everything about it.

Most Of The Successful Online Entrepreneurs I Meet Do Not Have a Degree

Most are just hungry, ambitious and many have skipped college all together.

Can you blame them? Have you seen the cost of a college education today?

The online entrepreneurs of today are go- getters. They figured out, early on, how to make a difference by introducing their own online course ideas to the world.

These people, young, old and everywhere in between, have turned their passions or know-how into solid, online business ideas.

They have done it with public speaking, organization, blogging, hiring virtual assistants, video gaming, writing, freelancing, building pools, travel, camping, raising chickens, yoga, weight loss, affiliate marketing, software development, webdesign, bee keeping, etc.

Won’t you join them?

Here is a story about a young man who makes an excellend living playing video games.

He started this business, while in college, and I’m fairly certain he never took a course on video gaming in business school. 😉

Do not ever think you are too young or too old to get started with a business online. Those are hang ups that do not belong in your online course ideas workbook. No way.

Besides that, I’ve shown you enough examples in this article about people, both young and old, making great livings online. So you know you can do it.

Just do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.  

I’m not really sure who said that first, but it sure makes a lot of sense and it has worked for me.

Back To Your Passion

You must have a passion for something. Probably you are passionate about a lot of things. Beyond that, what do you know how to do? What are you good at?

Begin to mull that over and let’s start to break things down.

Make A List Of Online Course Ideas

If you are anything like me, you are passionate about a lot of things. So, start out by creating a list of things you really enjoy.

Here is My Example Online Course List:

List of Items I'm Passionate About

Let’s Start Your “Coaching Niche List”

Your coaching niche list doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it shouldn’t be. If it is, you may be over thinking it. This exercise is just to get you started brainstorming it’s not the final product.

Don’t be shy and remember, you can modify it at any time.

What If Your List Looks Different Than Mine?

Perfect! It’s supposed to.

Your list is all about you. Maybe you like travel, water parks of the USA, gardening, quilting or teaching Spanish or piano or drums. Or, maybe you are an expert on breeding and caring for rabbits, goats or horses?

Just write down everything you know and love and that will be a great start to your list.

What If I Am Not An Expert At Anything?

Let’s face it, you probably know more than you think you do. Most people do.

Even if you are sure you do not know enough about any one thing, that really is OK.

Maybe you are not an expert, but it is one of your passions. Gold jewelry, classic cars, cbd oil? You can research your ideas online and collect data and information and become a one stop shop resource guide for that subject.

You can also hire writers and freelancers on websites like Upwork, to collect data for you. They can also create “round up” posts, which are basically lists of the Top 10 or Top 25 articles on a subject.

These same writers can research a topic and write articles within your niche.

Remember, ProBlogger also has bloggers you can pay to write for you.

There is no end to what is available to you on the internet today. You just have to have the courage to go out and get it.

Nike Really Says It Best

If you are not yet working on your list, I would defer to the Nike brand and say, “just do it.”

Use an excel spreadsheet so you can begin to move list items around. Move them into a hierarchy so those you are the most passion about, are on top. Remove anything you don’t like.

Rank them. Delete them. Feel free to do anything you want. It’s your online course idea list and that’s what it’s there for.

Let’s Get Your Mind Churning

Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

Do you have excellent parenting skills?
Are you good at photography?
Can you build the perfect tree house?
Are you an expert on drone technology?
Are you a fabulous hair stylist and know the difference between an ombre and balayage?
At work, what are you the resident expert at?
Do you love to bake?
Do you make the best s’mores anyone has ever tasted?
Do you have 50 delicious recipes for ripe avocados?
What dish does everyone ask you to bring to parties?
Have you lost weight somehow and want to talk about how to do it?
Do you have the best recipe for yeast free or high altitude bread?
Do you love antique cars and have a lot of knowledge?
Are you an expert negotiator?
Do you know how to underwrite a real estate property?
Can you fix a washing machine or anything?
Is your place meticulously organized?
Do you have an eye for fashion?
Do you know the best places to tent camp in the U.S?
Can you make excellent bucket lists?
Are you a coupon clipper and know the best ways to save money?
Are you a Disneyland expert and can create an itinerary on the best rides?
Are you great at growing fruit trees

Think about it. What is it that you are known for with your friends and family, or at work?

What do you love to talk about and do? What do you teach others, without really even thinking about it? 

As you brainstorm, add any potential online course ideas to your list. I call mine a “Coaching Niche List,” but you can call yours whatever you like.

Trust me, creating this list is very important so don’t skip it.  

Still, if you have nothing, don’t worry about it. We still have a lot to cover and there is plenty of time. For now, let’s keep moving.

What You Need To Get Your Business Started

You absolutely must have these 5 things:

  1. a niche (we already covered this & you are working on it)
  2. a domain name
  3. a website
  4. an email platform.
  5. course delivery system

NOTE: ** Keep in mind that many course delivery systems have landing pages and sales pages in them, so you might not need to have a separate website. It will depend on what you want to do. For me, I like having a website.

A domain name

I recommend Godaddy simply because I use them and they are good. They are affordable, but they are not the cheapest. However, they have an excellent support team that is there 24/7.

They have helped me out on multiple occasions, well after business hours and that is invaluable for me.

I am not a technical person, so being able to reach support any time, and speak to someone friendly and knowledgeable, it’s worth any extra few dollars that I pay.

And, in case you missed it before, be sure to read all about how to choose a killer domain name in under 5 minutes.

A website

If you determine you do need a full website, I personally use and like the WordPress.org platform.

It’s important you know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The former is not what you want. It is for those who do not need full control of their own site.

You will want to have full control so I always recommend WordPress.org for that.

If you are not technical, and don’t know someone who is, you can spend a month, a year, or a lifetime trying to get a website going. People try to say it’s easy, and maybe for some it is, but for me, if I can get help (especially free help), then that is what I’m going to do.

If that is you too, you much check out how to get your website up and running for you for free. I love them because they basically will do everything for you. I only discovered them recently, but I sure wish I had known about them the past 20 years.

If you are looking to get a free website built in one day, this is a must read as well.

And remember, for design stuff, I recommend sites like Upwork. You can create a job listing and within minutes, have several developers contacting you with bids. They have writers, developers, graphic artists, SEO Specialists, and so on, to help you.

It’s pretty amazing. 

Once you get developers submitting bids to you on Upwork, go through the submissions and see who sounds like they have the most knowledge and are in your price range.

Be sure to check their other work and feedback. I have found feedback very helpful in selecting the right person for the job.

I don’t like to waste my time with unreliable or unprofessional people and feedback can really help you steer clear of anyone like that.

Once you have selected someone, hit the HIRE button and you are on your way.

I have found so much great talent on Upwork and I honestly feel I could not run my business without the professionals I have found there.

Another great site to check out is Fiverr. Originally, their concept was a marketplace where people would give you the help you need for just $5. It has evolved since then and while people still do work for $5, they also offer packages that will have more regular pricing.

On Fiverr you can get help with video creation, animation, voice over, social media, logo design and a million other things – so check it out too.

But before you check out Upwork or Fiverr, make sure you get your free website up and running. Heck, you might not even need to hire anyone else??

Email platform

What is a really good email platform? An email platform is how you collect email addresses of the visitors that come to your website. The one’s that like what you have to say, or to sell, and would like to return.

You collect their email address and then you begin a dialogue with them. You send them information or emails from time to time, and they become members of your tribe, hopefully.

I have tried everything from Mailchimp to Drip to Mailerlite to Infusionsoft and I have always come back to the very best one.

Some are cheaper, some do more, but I really like the CK interface. It’s super intuitive and easy to use, and for me…the easier the better.

It simple to set up and they also have really good support. It is not 24/7, but it is good and they have helped me out of a few tight spots for sure.

You will use your email platform to add landing pages, forms and pop up forms to your website, etc. From there, you will give away a lead magnate (usually a free PDF) or something of value, to get people to join your emailing list.

A good, solid, email list is very valuable to a digital marketer.

You can set up a sequence of emails to those that join your list to teach them about you, what you know, share products and ideas with them and deliver messages about products you are selling or would like to sell in the future.

Back when I was selling my boutique opening book, I had no idea what email marketing was.

I never captured a single email address or lead.

I never followed up with any of them, unless they had more questions. I never upsold them on another product…zilch. I didn’t even try to grow my business. I was getting several new leads a day, and I thought I was doing great.

What a mistake that was. Now I know the value of a good, solid email list.

I will never make that mistake again, nor should you. Start out from day #1 with an email marketing platform like ConvertKit.

CK has a free plan too so you can check it out and see if you like it.

Their staff also has an annual convention in Boise, Idaho every summer. It’s called “Craft and Commerce,” and it is for bloggers and online course creators to meet, learn and brainstorm. I took my son one year and we both thought it was amazing.

It was 1000 or so “out of the box thinkers,” who are passionate and excited to be online course creators and entrepreneurs.

I believe the cost was $600 a person and it sells out fast every year. So, if you are ever considering going, I’d be on top of those dates as soon as possible.

If you do end up using ConvertKit as your email provider, I highly recommend attending Craft and Commerce at least once. The brainstorming, networking and learning that goes on there is incredible.

The company was started by a young man named Nathan Barry, and he is inspirational in every way. He simply wanted to create an email marketing platform that was better than everyone else, easier to use and designed for writers, bloggers and online coaches.

He succeeded!

Online Course Platform?

What is that? Well, once you have created your own coaching niche list, and have selected what business you want to start, it will be time to also select a online course platform.

There are several on the market and I’ve used, or tried to use, several.

Thinkific, in my opinion, is the one to use. They have an easy to use interface, are fairly affordable, you can start with a free plan to see if you like it, and they have very good customer support.

They also offer a lot of online video tutorials, the moment you sign up for a free account. So, you know exactly what to do and you can start learning immediately.

Getting Started At home

The beauty of what we do is that it can be done from anyplace. From home in your pajamas or on a beach some place magical.

Here is another great resource from Upward Exits on how to get started in your own home based online business. It’s a good read!

So There You Have It

You know that you need to make a great coaching niche list. Fill your list with all the ideas you have. It should be things you love, know inside and out and/or are passionate about. Cooking, parenting, landscaping, tools, building something, sports, instruments, etc.

Once you have all of your potential online course ideas together, prioritize the list with the ideas you like most, on top.

Nest, choose your domain name and create a website on wordpress.org

NOTE: I recommend you register your domain name at Godaddy but I don’t recommend you host your site there. Instead, Work with a great host, who will with with godaddy account to point your domain name to your host, for free.

Remember, if you need a website, create it at wordpress.org NOT wordpress.com

Once you get your website up and running, you will want to learn about SEO and how to get your content to rank well.

I know it sounds like a lot – and it is. Blogging, writing, online business and course creation can be a tremendous amount of fun, but it can be exhausting as well.

Start with the steps I mentioned above. Your first step is just to simply brainstorm and develop a coaching niche list of online course ideas that you feel will work for you.

Don’t try to do it all in one day. Work with vendors that are there for you with 24/7 support. You will be up and running in no time and ready to learn all about how to monetize your blog

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