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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review: The Truth About This Course

*Affiliate disclosure: I may receive commissions if you buy via the links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

In this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review, I’m going to give you the nitty gritty details of exactly what kind of results I got from taking this course—including actual numbers and screenshots of my traffic!

*This post has affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you decide to purchase Pinterest Traffic Avalanche—at no extra cost to you.

You can check out the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course information page here.

Update 2/9/2018: Check out January’s traffic! I combined what I learned in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche with the scheduling power of Tailwind and saw awesome results!

pinterest traffic avalanche review january 2018 update

UPDATE 4/6/2017: My Pinterest traffic has now 5X’d! From average of 50 clicks per day in February to more than 250 clicks per day now! ??

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche - April results

You know that sinking feeling when you fork over your hard-earned cash for an online course that leaves you with little to show for your investment?

That’s how I felt BEFORE I purchased Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Let me explain.

Savvy bloggers know Pinterest has unmatched potential to drive insane traffic to your blog. So back in June 2016, I bought a popular and pricey Pinterest course because everyone online seemed to be raving about it. The course itself wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great and it wasn’t getting me big results. I completed the course and implemented its tactics, and while my Pinterest account DID grow, it was nowhere near the amount I expected.

Then, after November 2016, my growth stalled.

I was pinning about 40 times per day and spending HOURS  designing pin graphics and curating quality pins (it took so much time I finally had a Virtual Assistant curate pins for me).

But still…nothing. 

So in February 2017, when I heard about the new Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course, I was extremely skeptical. Someone posted it in one of the private blogger Facebook groups I’m in, and because I was so desperate to get more traffic from Pinterest, I took a look.

I immediately Googled “pinterest traffic avalanche review” but could find NOTHING about it. Nada. Zip.

Huge red flag, right?

But something else caught my eye…

On the sales page, Alex and Lauren showed a screenshot of their blog’s backend, which verified what they claimed: Their blog gets more than 500,000 views from Pinterest a MONTH! That is insane, guys. Insane.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Avocadu Metrics
This is straight from the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche sales page. It shows traffic to Avocadu.com, and the sales page says it’s all from Pinterest traffic.

But I STILL wasn’t convinced. I didn’t want to hand over more of my money for another course that would disappoint me…

So I incessantly stalked the Facebook thread in this group I’m in, and saw two comments vouching for the course. But I STILL wasn’t convinced. (I’m a tough cookie, guys.)

Finally, at around 9 that night, I broke and decided to take a chance and buy Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. Besides, it offers a 60-day refund. I was DESPERATE to crack this Pinterest code and grow my traffic from Pinterest, so I figured I could take a chance and invest in this course that looks SO promising. I was practically drooling all over their sales page.

But I was too late. The offer had ended. I was crushed.

So I emailed the course creators explaining what had happened: I wanted to buy the course before the day ended, and since it was 9 p.m., the day still technically had not ended!

Lauren was so gracious and honored the offer. They let me into the course after I completed the payment!

What’s Inside the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Online Course

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is divided into about nine modules complete with videos, some text, links to resources, and downloadable files like spreadsheets to help you plan your pinning schedule. The course is completely self-paced, so you can go at your own speed and carve out your own time to complete it.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche curriculum:

  • Introduction to the Program
  • Laying the Foundation to Success
  • Getting Started and Setting Up Your Account for Success
  • Creating Viral Content on Pinterest
  • The Power of Group Boards
  • Automating Your Pinterest Traffic
  • Promoting Pins
  • Analytics and Tracking Progress
  • Pinterest Ninja Secrets Bonus Lessons (MY FAVORITE MODULE! I learned new things I had not found ANYWHERE else.)

The Parts of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

I’ve used two paid Pinterest education products before, a course and a guide, and I noticed much of what’s included in these you can find for free on Google or inside blogger Facebook groups.

But that’s not the case with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. Again, I’ve been Pinterest obsessed since June 2016, buying products, constantly Googling tips, and asking questions about it in Facebook groups. Even so, there were so many tips in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche that I didn’t know until I took the course.

The Ninja Secrets section blew my mind, and I believe Alex is right when he says that section alone is worth the whole price of the course.

Without going into too much detail (that wouldn’t be fair to the creators of the course), here are my FAVORITE parts of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche:

  • Alex and Lauren go extremely in-depth on Pinterest SEO, way beyond the usual “type keywords into the Pinterest search bar and see what suggestions come up.” In fact, after implementing their SEO strategy into my Pinterest boards, many of my boards now rank in the FIRST position or first row for my target Pinterest keywords! ??
    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - Ranking first for Machu Picchu Peru in Pinterest

    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - Ranking first for Cusco, Peru in PinterestMe

    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - Ranking first for Travel Quotes Wanderlust in PinterestAlso me!

  • Alex and Lauren are transparent and show the behind the scenes, including their actual dashboards. This helped me see proof of the insane traffic they’re getting from Pinterest, and I was able to deduce a few other things from the information on their stats.
  • They explain why it’s a waste of time to follow the oft-quoted 80/20 rule (pinning 80% other people’s pins and 20% your own). Lauren convinced me to STOP pinning other people’s content! She pins 90-95% of her own content, which totally makes sense. This freed me up to finally stop curating hundreds of other people’s pins, and mainly promote my own content which helped spike clicks to my site!
  • They share their EXACT Pinterest strategy, including their pinning schedule, which scheduling tool they use, and how they design awesome Pinterest images that go viral. I completely redesigned my pins based on the tips they gave and I think that helped me receive more repins. Check it out:Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - Increased Repins
  • Beyond Pinterest, they teach you solid marketing strategies! They describe in detail things like how to build your email list and how to write compelling copy. Important things to know if you want to grow your blog and income!

What I DIDN’T Like About Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

I’m all about being upfront with you guys, so of course I want to share what I didn’t like about the course.

  • Alex and Lauren dismiss Google as a source of traffic, and I think that’s a mistake. In the course, Alex says it’s unrealistic to try to optimize for Google AND Pinterest. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with him here. I believe (and have seen proof) that you can and SHOULD optimize for both Google AND Pinterest. Pinterest is nothing compared to the powerhouse that Google is, so you want to make sure you get on Google’s good side with things like proper SEO.
  • There are no facilitated discussions in the private Facebook group included with the course. Alex and Lauren do a great job of quickly responding to posts in the Facebook group, and so far all my fellow classmates are very supportive and respectful, but unlike other private Facebook groups I’m in that came with online courses (I told you I buy a ton of online courses!), Alex and Lauren do not post “threads.” What I mean by that is usually in Facebook groups, the admins will assign particular engagement threads for certain days. For example, Monday might be “Share Day,” and everyone in the course can share a URL in the comments of the post. Or Wednesday might be “Collaboration Day” and everyone in the course can comment with what they’re hoping to collaborate with someone on. For many, this might not be a big deal, but I’ve found group threads to be helpful for boosting traffic to my blog in conjunction with a particular course I’m taking.

About Alex and Lauren, the Creators of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Alex and Lauren are not your typical Internet marketers or metabloggers (bloggers who blog about blogging). Alex is a personal trainer and Lauren is a CPA. They struggled A LOT when they tried to build their online business and couldn’t get traffic to their health blog. They worked their butts off to figure Pinterest out and now have a healthy living account on Pinterest with more than 95,000 followers that drives more than 500,000 views to their site a MONTH! They have two sites, Avocadu.com and Createandgo.co.

The proof is in the pudding: Alex and Lauren’s health site Avocadu.com earned more than $28,000 in January 2017 ALONE, with more than 755,000 monthly views largely thanks to Pinterest.

avocadu pinterest


The Results? My Pinterest Traffic DOUBLED in 4 Weeks!

I bought Pinterest Traffic Avalanche on February 5 and was getting an average of 50 clicks from Pinterest per day. By March 5, I hit a record number of clicks in one day EVER at 132! And it’s been climbing ever since, as you can see from this screenshot from my Pinterest analytics dashboard:

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review-More than doubled my Pinterest traffic

My 7-Day Daily Clicks Average BEFORE Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche- Before

My 7-Day Daily Clicks Average 4 WEEKS AFTER Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche - After

I devoured Pinterest Traffic Avalanche in 3.5 hours over the course of 2 days. I took copious notes and then over the next few weeks implemented the tactics.

The total amount of time I spent on Pinterest in February? 8.5 hours. Contrast that with the 10 hours I spent on Pinterest in September with few results!

I want to emphasize to you that these Pinterest strategies take time to implement and see results from. So while I’m definitely not getting thousands of clicks a day from Pinterest, I have DOUBLED my Pinterest traffic in just 4 weeks—so I am 100% confident I’ll be seeing even bigger growth in the coming months thanks to Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Will Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Work for You?

I can’t guarantee anything, but given my history and how I worked incessantly to crack the Pinterest code and didn’t get far until I bought Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, this is what I can say: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche will work for you IF

  • You are 100% committed to making Pinterest the priority. I’m serious. I deactivated my blog’s Facebook page, deactivated my Twitter account, and disabled my Instagram account so I could focus on what REALLY drove traffic: Pinterest. This was huge and helped me put effort toward only what was working.
  • You have a lot of blog posts. To have explosive growth on Pinterest, you need to pin A LOT. So the more blog posts you have to pin, the better. If you only have a few blog posts, then you’ll run out of original content to pin and won’t get much traffic.
  • You intend to make money from your blog. Unless you’re monetizing your blog, you don’t really need to invest in a premium resource to grow its traffic. If it’s just a hobby, don’t worry about growing traffic. But if you intend to turn your blog into a business, you cannot overlook the power of Pinterest or the huge return on investment of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.
  • You’re sick of seeing bloggers brag about the thousands of visitors coming to their site from Pinterest, while your own Pinterest account languishes in the shadows. UM, I’VE BEEN THERE! It’s so frustrating. After implementing what I was taught in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, the feeling faded as I’m finally seeing big results.
  • You’ve tried other Pinterest products and tactics and STILL haven’t found anything that works! I’ve bought a paid course that was almost double the price of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. I’ve also used a paid Pinterest guide. I’ve researched HOURS of Pinterest material on Google. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has been my favorite resource to date because it’s the only one that gave me results for the work I put in.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review: My Verdict

I love Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, and it’s the only paid Pinterest resource I promote. Results matter, and I think mine speak for themselves: This course works and will give you the knowledge to see insane growth in your traffic from Pinterest.

I really hope my Pinterest Traffic Avalanche review helps you make a decision, and I hope you decide to take the course! If so, I’ll see you inside the private Facebook group. Be sure to say hi! :D

“But aren’t you just recommending this course because you’re an affiliate?”

I openly disclose that I am an affiliate of this course. Affiliate income is one small way I can keep this blog running. But like I said, I bought another Pinterest course last year that has a HIGHER commission (nearly DOUBLE the commission, in fact!) than Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, but because I cannot recommend it, I am not an affiliate for that other course and I do not promote it. I am genuinely a huge fan of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers- How I DOUBLED My Pinterest Traffic in 4 Weeks

UPDATE: Just last night I got a RECORD high number of clicks from Pinterest! Thanks, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche!

I’ve been using Pinterest since I started my blog in July 2012 and thanks to this course I broke my all-time high record for clicks from Pinterest in one day! This stuff works. Start skyrocketing your Pinterest traffic with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - Most clicks from Pinterest in one day
Broke a record!

To check out Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, visit the course page here.

>If you wanna get a taste for Alex and Lauren’s Pinterest expertise,get their FREE Pinterest email course here<<