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3 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Making Enough Money as a Freelancer

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When I started freelancing, I was so broke I struggled to pay rent. But now, I’ve finally got a hang of freelancing and am able to earn a full-time income.

I always told myself that if I figured out how to make it as a freelancer, I would help others do the same.

The 3 mistakes I see freelancers make that causes them to struggle to make ends meet are:

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    Mistake #1: You’re thinking about pricing ALL WRONG.

    Most freelancers price their services like this: They look at what OTHER freelancers are charging and think, “Well, I guess I should charge around that price.” NO! You have to start with the end in mind: How much do you need to PROFIT to stay in business and pay your bills? Focus on VALUE and the END GOAL. It doesn’t matter what others are charging because others aren’t you.

    Mistake #2: You’re looking for clients in all the wrong places.

    In ANY business, you make more as a B2B (business to business) rather than a B2C (business to consumer). Instead of going after individuals, you need to go after businesses. For example, a graphic designer COULD offer to design invitations for a friend’s birthday party (not much money) OR they could offer to design logos for a big corporation (much more money!)

    MIstake #3: You don’t know how to pitch.

    Pitching is everything. I cold pitched my way to a $1,000/month retainer client. Yep, all by just emailing him. He had never met me nor spoken to me before. How did I do it? You have to identify a client’s need BEFORE you even reach out to them, offer them advice for free, and make a personal connection.