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The Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick Cafe, San Francisco

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Let me tell you my ideal San Francisco short trip. It, of course, involves beautiful views and unhealthy food. Warning: Not for the lactose intolerant.

  1. Take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), and get off at the Embarcadero stop.
  2. Look for the light blue Ferry Building towering in the distance.
    San Francisco Ferry Building
  3. Walk toward it.
  4. Go inside and marvel in the multitude of sights, sounds, and smells that will attempt to seduce you.
  5. Resist all other temptations and walk to the Cowgirl Creamery.
  6. Don’t walk in. I actually want you to go to the Sidekick Cafe & Milk Bar, which is owned by Cowgirl Creamery and is right next door.
    Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick Cafe and Milk Bar
  7. Order whatever the special is (it will be a grilled cheese sandwich, and it will be amazing), plus a cold chai milk. Specifically ask for it cold, not hot.
  8. Walk to your right and wait at the Milk Bar for someone to call your number.
  9. Watch the bartender expertly mix your chai milk like it’s an alcoholic beverage.
    Cowgirl Creamery chai milk
  10. When they call your number, grab your food and squeal with delight.
  11. Walk out the doors to the ferry dock overlooking the bay.
  12. Find an open seat. This will be nearly impossible. Stand there until you find an open seat, or stare someone down until they become uncomfortable and give up their seat.
    Bay view from the Ferry Building San Francisco
  13. Sit facing the bay and take in the view.
  14. Open up your box of delectable delights, and eat the deliciously cheesy sandwich. Every few bites, clean your palate by popping one of the sweet pickles included with your sandwich. Sip on the chai milk tea; try not to gulp it all down in ten seconds.
    Cowgirl Creamery grilled cheese sandwich
  15. Rinse and repeat.

Cost: Special ($7.75) + cold chai milk ($3.50) = about $12 with tax

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