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The TOP 25 Things to Do When Home Alone

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Being a digital nomad doesn’t mean traveling all the time. There are times when you are at home alone and this has never been so true over the past few weeks. 

Staying at home alone does not have to be boring and most of the ideas on this list you can start without even leaving your home.

Here’s a list of the top 25 things to do when home alone.

Here's a list of ideas of 25 things to do when you are home alone or bored! With this creative list you can get started today with learning something new, being productive, or just taking some time for your self!

Watch movies

Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do alone because I mean really who likes to hear everyone talk while the movies are playing. Most cable companies such as Spectrum offer movies on demand that you can usually see for free. If you want more up-to-date movies you can always check Netflix, Hulu, or rent some off of iTunes. Amazon Prime also has a Prime video service where you can watch TV episodes and movies from the comfort of your home. Some of these are paid while others are free. 


I absolutely love reading sometimes while it’s usually more on the internet, I still love books as well. One of my favorite books over the course of this past year has been a Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. If you decide to read this and like it don’t forget Girl Stop Apologizing along with her husband’s new release, Dave Hollis, Get Out of Your Own Way.  All of these books are considered more personal development but are still a good read as they have personal stories from the authors. If you aren’t a huge reader you can still “read” by using Audible. Audible is an audio service that reads books once you download them you can use the Kindle app and download through Amazon or you can also use iBooks if you are an Apple user. 

Study a New Language

Maybe you want to start learning a new language or if you’re planning a trip to another country since travel is not on everyone’s list at the moment now would be a good time to start brushing up on your skills. This site has 7 places to learn a new language online for free. Don’t forget you can also get a paid subscription for Rosetta Stone if it is something that you feel like you need more resources or if you wanted to start translating and make a career of it.

Plan Your Next Trip 

Forget your travel blues right now by planning your NEXT trip while the dates maybe indefinitely you can still do research for itineraries, the best restaurants, free things to do in that city, along with transportation options, accommodations, and attractions. Here is a free code where you can get $54 off instantly your next stay at an Airbnb. Also if you are looking for more of a package style trip consider using Booking.com for your flights, hotels, and stays.
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For your entertainment, you can see some of the places I’ve traveled to below that could be next on your list.

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    Clean Your House 

     The spring season is finally here so why not? It’s been part of your to-do list anyway. You know those tasks that you rarely do in the wintertime like wiping baseboards, dusting blinds, and cleaning windows. These may not be fun cleaning tasks to do but nevertheless they still need to be done and they are often forgotten about.

    Enroll in a Course 

     If you can’t leave the house or you’re home alone you might as well start a course. I highly recommend if you decide that you would like to start freelancing or start a blog Create and Go offers fantastic courses that cover the business from start to finish.

    Wash Your Car 

     There’s nothing like a hand car wash so if you need to be outdoors or if it’s a sunny day washing your car could be something that has been on your to-do list or maybe you just like your ride to be a little cleaner.

    Paint or Draw 

    If you consider yourself somewhat of an artist your hobbies may already be painting or drawing but if you are a beginner this is a great skill that you can learn from home. Be sure to check out YouTube videos that teach you step by step on how to paint and draw exactly what you want. There are also other courses that you can take that are paid to show more advanced techniques.

    handlettering, things to do when home alone

    Learn Hand Lettering 

    Hand lettering is so beautiful and a great and soothing hobby. Many people turn this hobby into a career by offering hand lettering services for wedding invitations, selling handwritten notes on Etsy, or actually digitizing hand lettering to turn those into SVG’s or printable downloads. If you are looking for a side hustle and you are a little creative or have the time to learn the art of hand lettering this could be the perfect idea for you when home alone. Here’s my favorite book to start hand lettering and the best pens on the market!

    baking a cake- things to do when home alone

    Cook or Bake 

    Staying home alone doesn’t mean frozen pizzas and take out you could use this time to cook a fancy meal or practice baking cakes and pastries just for the fun of it. If you don’t really enjoy cooking, maybe you could use this time and practice using beginners’ recipes. If you really want to see more of the baking and artistic aspect I highly recommend you check out Cake by Courtney and Sweet Ambs who is an expert in decorating cookies.

    Take up Journaling (bujo)

     I love planners and journals well, everything stationary really even digital planners and journals are becoming a trend now. You can order budget-friendly journals and planners from Amazon and with a colorful set of pens and a nice set of stickers you can start the hobby of journaling while still being productive. If you are interested in digital planners, they typically require a certain tablet, I as an Apple user have the iPad Pro and pencil that allows me to keep a digital planner. These are basically the same as paper planners except everything is on your iPad. You can still buy stickers, sticky notes, use different colors, can use a ballpoint pen or a marker typesetting. These are also great ways to draw digitally as well.

    Get Organized 

    I love getting organized so this is more soothing than a chore like things for me. I love grabbing organizers from Ikea that look sleek and modern and can be custom to everyone style no matter what it may be. Not to mention their items are budget-friendly as well. Getting organized doesn’t just mean in your home you can also organize your life digitally. If your computer is like mine I have a thousand icons all over the desktop now is the perfect time to organize those into folders. take your paper documents and go digital as in scanning in receipt moving your bookkeeping to an online store such as FreshBooks or QuickBooks or uploading and organizing those photos that you needed to go through the past two years.

    Holiday Planning

    The holidays will be here before we know it and if you are a host you know how something can be when you wait until the last minute. Taking just an hour out of your day when you’re at home alone can man climb out your next Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. Making a present list and researching ideas for your travel if you will not be staying at home. Be sure to check out my holiday gift guides!

    Online Workouts

     YouTube has an outstanding library of online workouts that you can do right from your home this includes yoga, HiiT Workouts, cardio, and other ones that may require equipment but if you don’t have weights don’t worry because there are multiple channels that don’t require any equipment. Just doing 30 minutes a day of high heart rate exercise can keep you healthy and in shape and you don’t even have to leave your house or hit the gym.


     What better way to spend your day at home than giving yourself a manicure or pedicure that you’ve been needing. You can order a cheap set online through Amazon and make your bathroom to spa for the day. If you have a little more artistic ability you may even be able to put on acrylic nails or the SNS dip like the professional.

    declutter closet-things to do when home alone

     Declutter Your Closet 

     This one is huge. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure it would take about a day to declutter my closet after all that is where all of the miscellaneous items end up. Now’s the perfect time to change out your clothes and shoes for the season, collect old items that can be given to charities such as Goodwill,  or gather up gently used things and have a yard sale or take to a consignment shop to make a little bit of extra money. If you are really ambitious and want an organizer you can always use one of these storage systems to make things neat and tidy and love your closet again.

    Explore a new place by using Google Earth 

     Did you know that Google Earth offers location tours all over the world? If you feel like traveling but need to do it virtually Google Earth is a great option to see places that you’ve never been or to give you an idea of what you will say if you are actually planning a trip there.

    plan a trips-things to do when home alon

    Take a Virtual Trip 

    During this time there are many places that are offering virtual webcams to actually see museums and zoos, aquariums, and other attractions that would normally not offer virtual tours. Now’s the perfect time to see many well-known places and an Insider look without having to leave your home.

    Plant Some Flowers 

    Now that spring is here, it could be time for you to plant some flowers. If you have a small yard you could put in some raised flower beds or just update the landscape in the front to increase your curb appeal. Not to mention succulents are all the rage when it comes to indoor plants and making spaces a little fancy.

    Start an Herb Garden 

    If you love to cook or are a fan of organic ingredients you may want to think about starting an herb garden. Most herbs can grow inside as well as outside if you have a porch or patio space. Here you can find an herb garden kit ready to go and if you have Amazon Prime you can get it within 2 days.

    Make a time capsule 

    Making a time capsule is a creative idea if you are reaching a milestone in your life, it can be fascinating to come back and open in 10 to 20 years or if you decide you want a family member or child to open it later.

    Take on a DIY project around the house 

    You know those little projects that you said that you would do but you just haven’t had time to do or maybe you would like to tackle a DIY project around your home. There are so many resources between YouTube and DIY websites such as Family Handy Man that could help you if you need some direction.

    Start A Blog

    This is probably one of my most favorite ideas when staying home alone. You can start a blog. Starting a blog can be for personal experiences to share your travels with your family or to stay connected. However, you can also make money from blogging overtime. As I mentioned before about taking courses, Create and Go offers fantastic resources to get started along with some of my other blog posts like How To Make Money Blogging, SEO for Bloggers, and Benefit of Blogging as a Business.  If this is for you don’t forget to grab the Free Profitable Blog Business Plan.

    Design a vision board 

    A vision board is a collection of things on a poster board or corkboard. These could be physical things that you would like to have such as a new car or a new house. It could be a new journey that you would like to take such a trip or career opportunity. It could also be a basic board about why you’re doing the things you are now maybe the process of getting to the end result. Most vision boards include a word for the year such as consistent, determined, stable, logical. You can set these words at the beginning of the year and remember that they are what you are working toward. Maybe you had a terrible situation happen and you are determined to get out of it. You are determined to reach your goal. You are determined to make changes. You get the idea.

    Have a picnic in your yard 

     Having a picnic doesn’t have to happen away from home. If it’s a nice day feel free to have one in your own yard or on your patio space. This is a nice way of being outdoors and enjoying the season without having to leave your house.

    I know being at home alone is a sounds boring to start with but after hearing these 25 things that you can do home alone there is a lot to be done and not really a reason to be bored right?


     What is your favorite thing to do when home alone?


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