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How to Take the Train From Prague to Krakow

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For my epic Eastern Europe train journey, I bought a ticket for the train from Prague to Krakow—but I ended up booking a flight from Prague to Krakow last-minute instead because after 9 days of traveling by rail, I was burnt out and in a hurry to just GET there already. Such is travel!

Anyway, even though I ended up flying, I will detail below how to book a ticket for the train from Prague to Krakow (which honestly, is more than half the battle!). I did successfully book a train ticket, so I feel I can help you out here.

How to Take the Train from Prague to Krakow

Where to buy train tickets online: cd.cz
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Travel time: 6 hours 46 minutes
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10:22 a.m. – Depart Prague 

6:05 p.m. – Arrive in Krakow

Buying the tickets:

Step 1: Go to cd.cz

Enter Praha hl.n. to Krakow Glowny. Select which class you want. I opted for first class since it’s a long trip, and it’s very inexpensive.

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    But if you’re on a tight budget, do second class.

    Step 2: See the results. If you can’t read Polish, make sure you select English in the upper right corner.

    Step 3: Select your train.

    I chose the one that departs at 10:24 a.m. This is the best one, in my opinion, because it is direct (meaning no transfers, so it’s faster) and it’s usually the cheapest.

    Step 4: Add to cart.

    You have to click the green button that says “Buy” to add it to your cart.

    Step 5: Click continue.

    Confirm the details are correct, then click continue.

    Step 6: If you want to CHOOSE your seat, click “Modify.” Otherwise, your seat will be automatically selected for you.

    Step 7: Click the dropdown and choose “Select from the seating map.”

    Step 8: Choose any seat that is white; that means it’s available. 

    I prefer seats that are in an aisle by themselves so I don’t have to sit by anyone (I know, I’m anti-social).

    So, for example, I would select something like seat 11, 21, 22, 31, or 32 in the photo below.

    Step 9: You should now see your assigned seat number (32 in the example below). Click “Finished.” Then click “Continue.”

    Step 10: Enter your name. Then click “Place in your shopping cart.”

    Step 11: Enter your email address and pay.

    Enter your email address so they can send you the PDF of your ticket. Be sure to enter the correct email address! Then choose your payment method.

    After you click “Pay,” you will receive an email with your ticket PDF to the email address you provided.

    Now, you do not HAVE to print the PDF out. You could present it on your phone, but just realize that if you have no Internet connection or if your phone dies, you’re in trouble.

    Here is the exact wording from the confirmation email I got with my ticket:

    Can be either printed out, presented as a transaction code, presented as part of the record on an In Karta card, or displayed on the screen of a portable electronic device (with the exception of documents containing a couchette or sleeper supplement, which must be printed in unreduced A4 format) or as an open PDF file, although inspection must be made possible immediately upon request by an authorised ČD employee, regardless of the availability of an internet connection; the passenger is always responsible for the print quality or the correct display in electronic format, as the case may be.

    Enjoy Taking the Train from Prague to Krakow!

    train from prague to krakow

    If you’re in no hurry, taking the train form Prague to Krakow can be a good choice. To me, there’s something romantic about rail travel, although to be honest, taking the train in Europe during the summer can be quite hot.

    I think you’ll love Krakow! I wish I could go back because the two nights I spent there weren’t nearly enough. There’s so much to see within the city and outside of it—most notably, Auschwitz. There’s also the Wieliczka salt mine and the Divine Mercy Sanctuary.

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