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I get lots of questions about what I recommend, so I’ve listed them below.

*Some of these are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy through those links. I do use these products myself and highly recommend them.

My Favorite Travel Items

What I travel with: I typically travel carry-on only with this backpack (I’m in love with it): Timbuk2 Aviator

Anther great backpack choice is the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack. I like it because it is so light anf filled with great pockets. You can’t go wrong with this one either. It’s just a matter of personal style choice.

On a trip to Geneva, Switzerland. I had far too much to take and I needed to get it done. A friend introduced me to packing cubes and I could not believe I had never used them before.

They really pack things down so you can fit so much more into your bag – which is only wonderful if you remember not to take so much more that it makes your bag too heavy. Be sure to watch the Amazon Video!!

They come in a host of amazing colors and now that I have them, I don’t know how I ever lived without!

This travel wet bag is one of my faves! When you plan to play in the pond, or get your swimwear wet, it’s no trouble. Just toss your wet gear in here (or dirty laundry) and keep the rest of your travel gear warm and dry. Definitely a great product!

You really must have a travel wallet and it must be Rfid. So many of them out there are junk and here is one I have used and really like. It is by Life Venture and it is a great quality.

A travel money belt with RFID block is an absolute must.

A light weight luggage scale is never a bad idea. As you go along, and purchase new, fun things, you can make sure you are still staying within the weight limits allowed. This is a really great item for you shoppers out there!!

You always need a pen while on the go and it’s just so easy to lose one. I like this pen because it hooks on my backpack and I’m never without it.

Travel Accommodations

How I book accommodations: I use Airbnb almost exclusively for temporary lodging. I have booked a hotel only one time in the past three years. I’ve used it to book a local host family in Cusco, Peru, for 10 days and to book my very own private apartment across from the Louvre in Paris for one month!

How I get FREE accommodations: TrustedHousesitters.com is the best site I’ve found to discover housesitting assignments. I’ve housesat in Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area. Basically you get to stay in someone’s home for free in exchange for watching their home and caring for their pets while they’re gone. I’ve had amazing experiences with this site and highly recommend it.

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My Favorite Blog Resources

For blog hosting, I recommend SiteGround. I used Bluehost for four years, but was unhappy with the service. Since switching to SiteGround in July 2016, my site loads way faster and the customer service reps have been responsive and helpful! You can read more about why I switched in this detailed SiteGround review.

For logo design, I hired Melody Christian of Finicky Fox DesignI LOVED working with her. She understood my vision, worked relentlessly to create it, and she genuinely cared about my business.

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