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Ultra-luxury destinations Across the Continents

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The topic of luxury holiday destinations has been the talk of the town (whichever one you’re in, it’s the same everywhere!) for at least a few months now. Who is traveling where and with whom, how long you’re going away for, where you can find the best choices in designer shopping, which restaurants are the best, and which hotels have the most feather-soft, silky bedding — holiday details are definitely top-of-mind right now. 

If you’re still back and forth about which destination or destinations you should visit on your luxury vacation this year, we’ve got some suggestions that tick all the right boxes across every continent. 

Image by Antonia Cuellar via Pexels

The Most Luxurious Luxury Getaways By Continent

North America

Miami, Florida: There’s nothing like stepping into the cultural explosion that is Miami. The influence of nearby Cuba on the city’s culture, music, and food makes the many villas and hotels in Miami an excellent place to get away and let your hair down in the summer or winter months.

Best hotel: The Setai, Miami Beach.

Charlestown, West Virginia: Move inland and let the rolling hills and deep, lush valleys of West Virginia wrap their arms around you. Virginia is particularly beautiful in the fall, as the leaves begin to change, but the summer is the best time to visit as an outdoors person. If you’re planning a festive season getaway, guided hikes are available as part of many luxury hotel services, and a post-hike soak in a hot tub in the woods is guaranteed to melt away all your worries.

Best hotel: Hillbrook Inn and Spa

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    New York City, New York. There’s nowhere like New York in the winter. The Christmas trees and store windows are all lit up, and there are countless cafe windows just beginning for couples to sit — romantically intertwined — and watch the snow falling as they sip warm drinks.

    Best hotel: The Whitby Hotel

    South America

    Chilean Patagonia, Chile: Stay at Awasi in Chilean Patagonia and wake up to exquisite mountain views every morning. Instead of a traditional hotel, there are fourteen individual cabins placed at the edge of the Torres del Paine National Park. Sleep in luxury and walk in the Patagonian wilds.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Buenos Aires is one of those cities that never sleeps. If you like moving fast, take a trip to this city full of intricate architecture, delectable dishes, pulsing nightlife, and rich cultural heritage.

    Image by Sebastian Godoy via Pexels


    The Mergui Archipelago, Ranong: Also known as Myeik Archipelago, this smattering of islands in the Andaman Sea is a tropical paradise. Book a stay at Aiwei Pila on Kyun Pila Island (a private island) and experience bright jade green waters and miles of soft, warm sand.

    Tokyo, Japan: A city in constant motion, fuelled by delicious cuisine and the buzz of neon lights, Tokyo is full of classic Japanese luxury. See the cherry blossom trees, drink in the Japanese culture, and let yourself be welcomed by their hospitality. 

    Best hotel: Toggle Hotel Suidobashi.


    Cape Town, South Africa: The place where two oceans meet, a place of stunning natural beauty. Hike up the mountains, taste exquisite vintages in wine country, swim in the Indian and Atlantic oceans, and wake up to a view of Table Mountain every day. In this city, anything is possible.

    Best Hotel: The Silo Hotel, V&A Waterfront.

    Kenyan Safari: See the big five and a host of other African flora and fauna in living color in the heart of Africa. Watch a blanket of stars fill the sky at night and tell tales around the fire — memories to last a lifetime.

    Best location: Sala’s Camp in the Masai Mara

    Image by Reuben Verla via Pexels


    Traveling to Antarctica is a rare privilege, and doing it in luxury is even more so. In fact, the only way to explore that part of the world is via a tourist ship or private jet charter, given the fact it is very remote from the rest of the world. In Antartica, you can take in sights that few human eyes get to see: the savage beauty of this desolate wonderland from your eco-conscious pod. Watch the Emperor Penguins as they go about their business, sip cocktails at the snow bar, and hike the white desert.

    Best location: Whichaway Camp


    Positano, Italy: Azure waters, clear and cloudless skies, brightly colored homes climbing up the hillside: Positano is a luxurious Italian paradise. There are exquisitely proportioned villas to tour, ancient Roman ruins to visit, and delicious bowls of pasta to devour here.

    Best hotel: Le Sirenuse

    Madeira, Portugal: Natural beauty abounds in Madeira. If you love to be outdoors in nature, this is your destination. Tour the enormous laurel forest and soak in the warm ocean when you’re done. Madeira prides itself on being a very sustainable destination, so conservation and conscious consumption are prioritized on the island.

    Best hotel: Reid’s Palace, A Belmond Hotel.


    Haggerstone Island, the Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is, without question, Australia’s most stunning attraction, so why not stay as close to it as possible? The whole of Haggerstone Island is privately owned and waiting to welcome you, offering various experiences. Visit waterfalls, go fishing, kiteboarding, or diving. If you prefer relaxation to adventure, laze on the beach all day.

    Luxury On Every Continent

    Visiting any of these ultra-luxurious destinations will create memories that will last a lifetime — so why choose only one? Map out your trans-continental luxury holiday today.