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Unique Client Gift Ideas for Under $25 (Or Close To It!)

*Affiliate disclosure: I may receive commissions if you buy via the links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
Coming up with unique client gifts ideas is just ONE more stressor we entrepreneurs DON’T need, am I right? Well, lucky for you, I have created a list of awesome client gift ideas for you and I am extremely happy to share them! 
But first things first. Fellow freelancers and business owners, you need to know this: Client gifts ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE—but only up to $25 per client per year. Let’s see exactly what the IRS has to say about business gifts:

“If you give gifts in the course of your trade or business, you can deduct all or part of the cost. This chapter explains the limits and rules for deducting the costs of gifts.

$25 limit. You can deduct no more than $25 for business gifts you give directly or indirectly to each person during your tax year. A gift to a company that is intended for the eventual personal use or benefit of a particular person or a limited class of people will be considered an indirect gift to that particular person or to the individuals within that class of people who receive the gift.

If you give a gift to a member of a customer’s family, the gift is generally considered to be an indirect gift to the customer. This rule doesn’t apply if you have a bona fide, independent business connection with that family member and the gift isn’t intended for the customer’s eventual use.”

So, there ya have it! For all intents and purposes, in short, YES, you can deduct these client gifts as long as they are $25 or UNDER for each individual. And I’ve curated 10 AWESOME client gifts for under $25 so you can check each client off your list today!

10 Unique Client Gifts Ideas for Under $25 Each (or Just About)

*There are some affiliate links below, which means I may receive a commission if you choose to purchase through a link I provide (at no extra cost to you!).

#1 See’s Chocolates Nuts and Chews

I think that See’s Chocolates are one of best gifts I’ve ever been given. The dark chocolate nuts and chews are my favorite, but I love the sugar free chocolates too AND the peanut brittle too. Each year I send a box of See’s to all my best business associates and my family and friends too.

You absolutely can not go wrong with a box of See’s, for literally any occasion.

#2 Greetabl personalized gift boxes

I just discovered Greetabl last year, and it’s what I used to send my clients cute, personalized holiday gifts!

Greetabl lets you personalize a card with photos and a short message—then that card is folded into a box, and you get to pick the small gift that goes inside. The whole process is so much fun, and I love that the client also gets a card with photos they can hang.

Here’s how Greetbal works:

Step 1: Select a box print.

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    Clients Gifts Ideas Greetabl step 1

    Step 2: Select a gift.

    Clients Gifts Ideas Greetabl Step 2 Choose a Gift

    Step 3: Customize your message and upload photos.

    Clients Gifts Ideas Greetabl Step 3

    Step 4: Enter mailing info, and Greetabl sends everything for you!

    Get 15% off your first Greetabl here!

    Clients Gift Ideas- Greetbal 15% off coupon code

    #3 Coffee Gift Set

    If you know your client is a coffee drinker, why not get them some extra beans to sample? This one comes with FOUR different specialty coffees PLUS the packaging is wonderful.

    Click here to see the latest prices!

    #4 GiveLovely.com Curated Gift Boxes

    Thanks to a comment in a Facebook group, I learned about Give Lovely, which is a solopreneur woman-owned business! I love supporting local businesses.

    Give Lovely has curated gift boxes, OR you can personalize your own gift box and select what goes in it! You can do this for under $25.

    Client Gifts Ideas- give lovely gift boxes

    Here I was able to pick and choose and craft my own gift box for under $25!

    Client Gifts Ideas - Give Lovely box

    You can even add in a card for free!

    Clients Gifts Ideas- Give Lovely gift box with card

    #5 ChocZero dairy-free, sugar-free healthy chocolate!

    I am OBSESSED with this chocolate! For those of us who love to eat healthy and also love chocolate, ChocZero’s Keto Bark is your new friend, with Dark Chocolate Almonds and Sea Salt, is 100% Stone-Ground, Sugar Free, Low Carb, All Natural, and Non-GMO. It’s sweetened with Monkfruit, a natural sweetener that’s healthy, and your body doesn’t recognize it as sugar.

    The chocolates actually TASTE really good too! You can get a 4-pack for your client to try different levels of chocolate.

    Click here to see the latest prices of ChocZero!

    #6 A Foodie’s Gift Set

    Whenever I give gifts, I try to give ones people can eat—because who doesn’t love food? If you know your client likes to cook, check out this gourmet gift set.

    Click here to check the latest prices of this gourmet foodie set!

    #7 Handmade Gift Box With Succulent

    This is SUCH a cute client gift idea: handmade succulent gift boxes! NaturalSucculents on Etsy offers an assortment of handmade gift boxes that include an adorable succulent, candle, and card. So instead of getting your client the same ol’ boring corporate gift they’ll just throw away, why not get them a living plant that can sit on their desk for years to come?

    Click here to select your succulent!

    #8 Kiva Gift Card

    I got the idea for this one because my old bookkeeper emailed out gift cards to donate to Waatsi, which funds medical procedures in developing countries. I was so moved by that gesture, and I wanted to find out if Kiva, which funds small businesses in developing countries, did a similar thing. And it does!

    If you want to give a gift with heart (and that’s related to business!), get your client a $25 Kiva gift card.

    #9 Tea Tumbler & Infuser

    If your client is more of a tea drinker, check out this gorgeous tea tumbler with infuser. It’s a beautiful and practical gift they can use every day.

    Click here to see the latest prices for this bamboo tea tumbler!

    #10 The San Francisco Fallacy (or Other Business Books)

    I have read The San Francisco Fallacywritten a feature article about its author (Jonathan Siegel), and even got a client to read it (and he loved it!). This is probably my favorite business book because it is so simple, yet packed with value.

    Don’t let the name fool you—it’s not about San Francisco. Rather, the title is based on one fallacy that many startups have: that they must move to SF to be successful. In the book, Siegel breaks down many fallacies and guides entrepreneurs to the true principles of success that he himself has tested.

    Click here to see the latest prices for The San Francisco Fallacy!

    #11 Customized Stress Relief Dough!

    I thought this was a really cool idea! This handmade stress relief dough is made with all-natural and called “pinch-me” therapy dough. It feels and smells amazing and is meant to be used any time you feel the slightest bit of stress coming on. It comes stamped with a words like “relax” or “focus,” and comes in a cute tin that you can take with you on the go.

    It is not sticky, has a great texture and comes in vibrant colors. This dough is the perfect gift for any business person or client as we all know how stressful business can be some days. This is not only extremely unique and cute, it’s also practical. Your client will have something to calm them down during another stressful day.

    12 Yeti Coffee Mug

    This wonderful coffee mug made my list because I was actually given one by a client. I had heard of Yeti, of course, but didn’t own one myself yet. Lo and behold if it wasn’t the best darn coffee mug anyone ever gave me. It keeps my coffee or tea hot for hours. It is truly amazing. I use it for cold drinks too and it keeps milk cold for hours as well.

    They come in over 20 colors from vibrant pink or bumble bee yellow, to calm and soothing white or even a aqua blue. The fun part is you can really pick a color that suits the client’s personality if you want to get really creative. I love mine and I KNOW first hand what a great gift they make because I enjoy using mine daily.

    So That’s It!

    Woohoo! I hope these client gifts ideas were helpful. As I curated them, I always put them past the test of, “Would I buy this for one of my clients?” And I can definitely say yes to all of the gift ideas above! Plus, it helps that they’re all under $25 (or close to it), so you can deduct the maximum allowed by the IRS as a business expense. :)