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10 Unique Travel Gifts for Women (They’ll LOVE These!)

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Looking for unique travel gifts for women? Gifts they will actually love and USE? Below, I have curated a list of awesome gifts for women who travel. As a woman and avid traveler, I can say I would love and use ALL of these gifts. (I actually own one of them!)

*This post has affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase through a link I provide (at no extra cost to you!). 


Travel Tank Top With Hidden Pockets

I REALLY wanted to get one of these for my train trip to Eastern Europe, but they were a bit pricey for my budget at the time. These are a fantastic idea for hiding your passport on your body while you travel. It always makes me nervous to leave my passport at the hotel or apartment (my apartment in Paris was broken into), so I now tend to carry it with me while I travel. These genius travel tank tops have hidden zippered pockets that can easily hold a passport.

Click here to check prices on this genius travel tank top


Travel Scarf With Hidden Pocket


Along the same lines as the travel tank top, this travel scarf has a hidden zippered pocket and is SUPER CUTE. Not only that, but this (unlike the tank top) is perfect for stowing cash that you may need instant access to. The travel tank top is more of an undergarment, so I’d use that for a passport, not something like a cash or a phone that I may need direct access to.


Click here to see details on this travel scarf! 

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    BKR Glass Water Bottle


    When you’re cruising through security with this empty water bottle, you can breeze through and then fill it up on the other side at a water fountain. My best friend got this for me last Christmas, and now I NEVER travel without it! It saves me money and helps the environment by minimizing waste.

    Click here to see the latest prices on the BKR glass water bottle!


    Encircled Chrysalis Cardi


    This might be the 100th time I’ve mentioned this. That’s because I own, LOVE, and (frequently) use the Encircled Chrysalis Cardi. Actually, I own TWO of them! In Petite and Regular, Gray and Purple. They are my favorite clothes to wear. I took them on my recent travels and wore them from Vienna to Prague to Toronto to the desert in the U.S. I simply couldn’t write a list of unique travel gifts for women without including this incredible multiway piece of clothing.

    Click here to see the 8+ amazing ways you can wear the Chrysalis Cardi!


    Eurail Pass

    The Eurail Pass can be a great way for your female traveler to save on train passes around Europe. If you know she’s traveling by rail, a Eurail Pass makes a great gift for her!

    Click here to see the Eurail Pass options!

    Personalized North Star Necklace With Custom Coordinates


    This is TOO SENTIMENTAL AND CUTE to pass up! If you want to give your female traveler a gift that’ll make her tear up, this is it. You can customize the coordinates of this necklace with wherever she calls home. Plus, it comes with a North Star pendant. So no matter where she roams, she’ll always remember home. ❤️ Seriously, one of the most heartwarming and unique travel gifts for women that I’ve ever come across.


    Click here to customize your own North Star + coordinate necklace on Amazon!



    SCOTTeVEST Pickpocket-Proof Women’s Trench Coat


    Not only is this trench coat SUPER stylish, but it also has 18 pickpocket-proof pockets for securing items! One thing I ALWAYS look for in a travel jacket is a zippered chest pocket—and this one has it! The reason I look for that is that’s where I like to keep my iPhone because if it’s zippered AND over my breast, there’s no way a pickpocketer is gonna go for that without me realizing it.

    I really like the black because I think it’s a classic color, but you could also get her the red and she can go total Carmen Sandiego :)

    Click here to see the latest prices for this awesome travel trench coat!


    Leather Shoulder Bag With Laptop Space


    I’m on the market for a new travel bag that’s carry-on sized, can fit underneath the seat in front of me on an airplane, and has room for my 13-inch MacBook—and this leather bag fits the bill! It’s a gorgeous camel color, made from real leather, and has great reviews.

    Click here to check prices for this leather shoulder bag!


    TrustedHousesitters Membership

    There are two different types of TrustedHousesitters memberships you could get your female traveler friend depending on her needs:

    Get her the House & Pet Sitter membership if she needs to find places to house sit around the world for accommodation.

    Get her the Home & Pet Owner membership if she needs someone to watch over her house and pets while she is traveling.


    Tile Mate – Track Your Lost Keys, iPhone, Luggage, Anything!


    What do you get the female traveler who loses everything? A Tile Mate. This little plastic contraption is great because it works two ways: If you lose the thing you stick the Tile to (say, your keys), then you can use your iPhone app to track it. AND if you lose your iPhone, you can use the Tile to find your iPhone by pressing a button that makes the iPhone make a sound (EVEN IF IT’S ON SILENT!). The Tile Mate is a GENIUS unique travel gift for women who tend to lose their stuff while traveling.

    Click here to check prices on a Tile Mate so your friend never loses her keys again!


    So there ya have it! I hope you got some great ideas from my list of unique travel gifts for women. I really don’t think you can go wrong with ANY of these items! Or, you could bundle a few of these items together into a sort of care package for your female traveler friend before she heads off on her next trip!

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