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Will Switching to HTTPS Hurt My Traffic? Here’s What Happened to Me

*Disclosure: This post has affiliate links.

Switch to HTTPS by October 1 to Avoid Getting Penalized!

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Here’s a direct quote from Google’s Chromium blog:

“Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the ‘Not secure’ warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.”

This is why bloggers are rushing to switch to HTTPs before October gets here.

I recently wrote about how I switched to HTTPS in just 5 minutes (seriously, it was so easy!). My BIGGEST fear that stopped me from doing it sooner was that switching to HTTPS would hurt my search engine rankings and therefore decrease traffic. There’s a lot of mumblings going on in the blogosphere about this.

Now that it’s been two weeks since I made the switch, I wanted to write a follow-up to show how switching to HTTPS has affected my blog.

*This post has affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you choose to purchase through a link I provide (at no extra cost to you!). I link to products here that I myself use and recommend! Thanks so much for supporting the work I put into this site. 

Will switching to HTTPS hurt my traffic- Blogging tips for beginners WordPress

Did switching to HTTPS hurt my search rankings?

Grayson of iMark Interactive switched my site to HTTPS late night on September 8. Here’s a comparison of my organic search traffic before switching to HTTPS (orange) and after switching to HTTPS (blue):

will switching to https hurt my traffic? Google Analytics screenshot

As you can see, switching to HTTPS did not hurt my search rankings. If anything, it may have slightly improved them.

will switching to https hurt my traffic? Increase in organic search traffic

It’s important to note I only published ONE new blog post in the 2 weeks after switching to HTTPS, so I don’t think the increase in search traffic was caused by this one blog post, but it’s a possibility.

Now that I’ve switched to HTTPS, are any of my old links broken?

Another major concern many bloggers have before switching to HTTPS is that their old links will be broken. This should NOT happen if you set up redirects correctly (I had my WordPress support guy, Grayson of iMark Interactive, do this for me).

After all was said and done, NONE of my links are broken.

For example, you may worry that the old links on all those pins on Pinterest will no longer work. Allow me to put your mind at ease.

Below is a screenshot of one of my most popular pins. I pinned that last year, when my site was still HTTP. As you can see, on Pinterest, that pin is STILL linked to my old HTTP site:

will switching to https hurt my traffic pinterest

But, when I click on it, it properly redirects and leads me to the correct article in HTTPS!

When you change your site from HTTP to HTTPS, you have to set up redirects because now you have two separate addresses. If you fail to set up redirects, then yes, you’ll wind up with broken links.

Again, highly recommend having Grayson of iMark Interactive do it for you. He charges a VERY reasonable flat fee of $42 to do this, and it takes no time at all. I emailed him on a Friday evening, and he had everything done by late Friday night!

Did I lose my social share counts after I switched to HTTPS?

Nope! I kept them all! To keep my social share counts, I paid only $29 for Social Warfare Pro, and that allowed me to use the “share recovery” feature.

Unless you use this or another paid plugin, you WILL lose social share counts when you switch to HTTPS. This is because Social Warfare sees them as TWO different URLs (which they are), so you need the Pro version to use share recovery.

will i lose social shares if I switch to https? Not if you use social warfare!

So there you have it! Switching my site to HTTPS did NOT negatively affect anything. So have no fear! Make the switch. You’ve got 1 week left!

Click here to read how I switched to HTTPS in just 5 minutes!


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Have any questions about the switch to HTTPS? Comment below!


Amy is the founder of The Wherever Writer. An avid traveler, she has visited Machu Picchu twice, run across the world’s widest avenue in Buenos Aires, and eaten her fill of gourmet cheeses in Paris.

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